Monday, 1 October 2012


My camera still isn't uploading photos onto the computer: I am forced to accept that it probably will never work ever again unless I use my brother's laptop. He probably won't let me, waah! So here are some substitutes for the photos I wanted to upload:

These are two shirts I bought on Saturday. They look super manly here but they're much more fitted in real life. They're from the Savile Row (did I say that already? Ah well) and I have to wear cufflinks with them! Cufflinks! So posh! I can't find a picture of the TopShop skirt but it's mid-thigh length and made of chiffon, therefore it is semi-see through. I cope. It's white and has a cute little floral print on it, but at the bottom it looks like it's been dipped into blue. It sounds kind of trashy when I describe it but it's honestly so pretty.

I went to a local primary school today to help them write their school newspaper. I want to go into the publishing industry when I'm out of uni so it's pretty good experience for that. Otherwise, today has been rather boring. I did have the most yummy dinner though! It's Thai noodles with spicy meatballs in a kind of turkey-chicken soup and gently roasted vegetables. So nice! My mummy is the best cook in the whoooole world! Speaking of cooking, the Great British Bake Off is on tomorrow night, yaya! This just makes my whole Tuesday nights. One of my geography teachers has this theory that Cathryn, the single mum, and the married judge Paul are having an affair. Seriously, watch out for it; it's very plausible!

Write more soon!

Song of za day:

Last Night (Beer Fear) - Lucy Spraggan

I LOVE this! It's been stuck in my head all day. This girl is so amazing; I'm not sure Xfactor is the right place for her because she's more talky-singy and needs her guitar but it's deffo a good platform to gain publicity.

This is the acoustic version, her original audition, which may or may not be better.. I can't decide!

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