Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I guess we fell apart in the usual way...

Last night was interesting. The journey up there was totally fine which is great but we had a few problems finding the Noel Coward Theatre so I had to ask these ridiculously camp guys where it was while my friends printed off a map in Premier Inn. We found it. I so wish I took my camera because the West End is so lovely in the dark when it's all lit up and beautiful. There were so many people bustling around and it sounds so lame but you just feel so alive. I haven't been up to London in the dark for aaages now (not since Winter Wonderland!) so I forgot how lovely it is. The actual performance was kinda crap. Honestly, talking to people afterwards, the most used word to describe it was "shit". The Indian accents were so over the top that no one could understand what they were saying. Even this Indian lady who came to watch and spoke to my friend said she couldn't understand. Here is a proper review of the performance:

The journey back home was kind of pooey. We had to change tubes (when it was just supposed to be one long tube to Morden) and it was past midnight and all the paedos were out. Well, it looked like it. All these men were like leering and attempting to wink. Blehhh. And then we couldn't find where my mum had parked to take us home so we walked down little alleyways in the pitch black and there were spikes on top of the railings and she wasn't answering her phone. I nearly had a heart attack. We found her eventually though, waahay. I only got like five hours sleep though so I look like death today.

Outfit for Tuesday 23rd October:

Jumper - M&S, £35
Skirt - TopShop, £28

Outfit for Monday 22nd October, 5pm onwards:

Coat - Peacocks, £40
Skirt - QEF charity shop, £2
Boots -  Shoe Zone (classy...!), £15

"... and the story's got dust on every page. But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now and I see your face in every crowd." 151111, 381091.

Song of the day:

Holy Ground - Taylor Swift

So bloody appropriate right now.

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