Thursday, 31 October 2013


In the summer I, um, "dated" a guy. I'm not really sure what to call it but we spent a lot of time together and were verging on having it become a proper relationship. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I'm a commitment-phobe. I'm fine until it becomes official and then I freak out and want to end it all. I don't know why. As Taylor Swift puts it, it's "a tendency to run from love" but as we all know, I don't believe in young love. Ah, how cynical. Anyway, in the shower this morning, I came up with a little analogy:

When you meet someone is like when you see a lovely dress in a shop, and when you get to know them and decide you like them is when you think to yourself, yeah I really want to buy that dress. So you buy it, which I've likened to beginning to "date" this person. You begin to wear this dress and spend a lot of time wearing it but you realise that you haven't taken the label off. The label itches you and it all becomes a bit uncomfortable, and the more time you spend wearing this dress, the more you realise you want to take the label off. So, you rip the label off and suddenly things become a lot better. You want to wear this dress all the time, especially now that it's become so familiar and and comfortable.

I hope this is all making sense to you because I have a feeling I haven't expressed myself properly here. What I'm trying to say is I hate having the label of "boyfriend/girlfriend" applied to me and whoever I'm with. So I spoke to this guy a couple of weeks ago and we decided that we should just be friends (oh hello cliche) because we'd sort of drifted apart and there wasn't much point in trying to force a relationship.

Except he and I went out for lunch on Tuesday. Table for two please, oh yes, and we'll have the sharing platter... where you, you know, share a plate. I think it was probably a bit more than just two friends going for a meal. And yesterday, we were meant to meet up with some other friends and all of them bailed so he and I spent the whole day together. He taught me to play pool (I'm crap but that's besides the point). It was so comfortable and relaxed and I think it's because we've taken the label off. There's no pressure, none of this so what are we to each other, and I'm a lot happier. Except I don't have a clue what he's thinking.

In short, there is one very confused Kate Green bumbling around. Help.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Style icon: Miranda Kerr

Style icon: Miranda Kerr

Forever New bleached denim shirt
$48 -

Forever New blue shorts
$48 -

Jimmy Choo sparkly flat

Tote bag

Gucci BLACK eyewear
$370 -

Hong Kong versus South London

One of my best friends is in Hong Kong right now for a family holiday. We were chatting this morning and he sent me a photo of the view from the window of their apartment:

So I sent him one of the view from my kitchen window:

It's no contest really, is it?

Saturday, 26 October 2013


My dad is a runner. He runs at least ten miles in a week (he's old and injured now) but used to do around 100 miles in a week. He absolutely loves it - it's almost an addiction. When I was six, he started taking me out running a couple of nights a week. I liked it so we didn't stop. A couple of years later, I got onto the cross country team at school and started taking the whole running thing seriously. Nine-year-old-to-thirteen-year-old-me trained four nights in a week and was the fastest girl of her age in our town of 300,000 people. I was obsessed.

Hello cross country captain badge, London Mini Marathons, borough championships, county championships. Hello shin splints. I couldn't run anymore due to horrific shooting pains in my lower legs. With shin splints, the muscle sheath doesn't grow at the same rate as the actual muscle, or something like that, so they rub against each other and become severely inflamed. It wasn't much fun. I continued playing football which I'd taken up when I was eight and it took over my sporting life. (Being in a defence position really doesn't involve much running - at least not for me! - hence why my shin splints weren't affected.)

Earlier this year however, my dad persuaded me to start running again. I initially didn't do it because I liked it: it was because it made him really happy and I knew it would stop me from getting fat. Recently though, I've begun to love it.. I feel like little pre-teen me who would just run for the sake of running. Sometimes if I'm walking home from somewhere at night, I just feel the urge to run. So I do. I run because I love it.

Wow, I don't know how I managed to type out my whole running life story in about three minutes. I didn't even plan to. I meant to say I like running and then show you my new running shorts and favourite sports bra. Ooops.

This is my "old" running outfit: these shorts have now been retired in favour of my pink ones.

These babies, pictured above and below, arrived just the other day from Amazon. I love the cut and material of them, and most importantly, the pattern. Jazzy.

This sports bra is fab. I need everything underwired because I'm, well, overly-blessed in the boob department. And I have a thing about non-padded bras. The thing being I cannot wear them. I feel like they give no support at all and I hate the way they look on me. Maybe it's different for you but I really have something against them. I searched for months for a padded and underwired sports bra and found this amazing one in Marks and Spencer for around £20. Maybe that's a bit pricey, I don't know, but it's worth it. I do not know what I'd do without it.

The shorts are made by Nike and the style is "Tempo" (highly recommend) and you can take a peek at the bra here if you're like me and mega fussy about sports bras.

Song of the day:

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Bone Season

I've really been getting into dystopian literature lately: lots of Margaret Atwood, and yes, the Hunger Games. But I decided to branch out and try something new. A few months ago I read an article about a 22 year old woman who'd written a book. Before it was even published, she'd been paid a six figure sum to write six more books for the series, and the film rights were soon bought. I thought, oh this must be something pretty good then. I kind of forgot about her but remembered her name - Samantha Shannon.

A few weeks ago, I was in a meeting with our school's "higher education officer" and we got talking about books and what kind of thing I like to read. She said "oh Kate, there's a book out called The Bone Season", so I was like "oh right, the one by Samantha Shannon?" and she said yep, and that she thought I'd really like it. I've just read that paragraph back and it sounds like I'm a kind of problem-student who needs special meetings. I'm not. It was just an appointment regarding UCAS that everyone at our school has.

I finally got round to ordering the book two days ago and it arrived this morning. Pretty fast delivery, I'm impressed. I didn't realise it would be so big though! I'm really excited to start reading it and if I love love love it, I might do a review.

I think I probably look a bit too happy here, but you get the idea!

We both know the way

Outfit for Tuesday 22nd October:

Top: TK Maxx
Skirt: TopShop

Song of the day:

Think about how long this video must have taken, it's incredible! (Those are all jelly beans...)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oh Lorde

I feel like I've been a bit out of the blogging-mind-set recently. I've been working a lot and it feels like I haven't had time to just stop and relax. I finally finished my personal statement last night and so my application will be sent off when my useless form tutor completes my reference, agh. I'm happy that's one more thing off my chest though.

I've been listening to a lot of Lorde and The 1975 lately (tickets booked to see The 1975 in January, so excited!!!). They both make such good complete-your-homework-to songs. Very relaxing. I have a busy few days lined up, and I'll list it (primarily so I don't forget, not because it makes fun reading for you!):

Friday: School, Brownies, party, sleep over
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Work
Monday: Picnic
Tuesday: Nando's meal
Wednesday: TGI Fridays meal

I'm so looking forward to half term. I feel perpetually exhausted right now and need a break. In other news, I met Snooki and we've had a great time together...

Oh the larks we have together.

Song of the day:

This song, its video, and its message is haunting. I'm in awe of Lorde. (Aren't we all?)

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Sunshine Award

I've been nominated for the Sunshine Award by the fabulous Anna! Be sure to check out her blog; I love reading what she puts on there. So, thank you Anna, I really appreciate you having nominated me and I'm looking forward to answering your questions!

"The whole idea of the Sunshine Award is that you nominate eleven bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative, and inspiring."

The Rules:

- You have to post a picture of the Sunshine award in the blog post. 

- Post 11 random facts about yourself.

- Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

- Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers.

- Write 11 questions for them to answer.

- Let the bloggers you nominated know you have nominated them.

11 Random Facts about me:

- I should be at a birthday party now. I am instead at home eating pasta and singing with my brother.

- The song Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men fills me with hope and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

- I love Australian accents.

- It is my secret (or not so secret now...) ambition to be on the Made In Chelsea cast.

- My best friend keeps me sane.

- I remember dates. It's my.. like, thing. You give me a date and I can probably tell you what I was doing on that day, or tell me your birthday and I won't forget.

- I want to have lots and lots of children.

- Christmas films make me really happy.

- I have a Pandora birthstone ring, but when I was looking at the colours for different months, I didn't like the one for April, which is when I was born. It was just grey.. a bit boring, really. The one for December though was a lovely green colour and December is my favourite month so I went for it. 

- I want to be one of those people in their mid-twenties who has a really kooky group of friends and who go to cool museums and little book shops together and cook little meals for each other.

- It's my dream to have a flat in Gordon Square in London.

Anna's questions for me:

- What is your favourite time of the day?

I really like from about 6pm onwards. It's when I usually have dinner (highlight of my day) and when all the good programmes on TV start. It's when I have my "down time" and relax a bit. If I'm at work, 6pm is when I'm almost at the end of my shift which is obviously good.

- If you could go anywhere on earth, where would you choose?

I'd go to New York City because it looks amazing. New York for New Year's Eve. How incredible would that be? New York proposal at the top of the Empire State Building? Yes please. New York's shops and eateries? Perfect. New York New York New York.

- Favourite thing from your wardrobe?

A zip-up hoody/jacket thing I've had for three and a half years. In fact, I wore it today. It's navy and incredibly faded now and looks good with anything. The sleeves have little holes in them from all the times I've worn it.

- What are you addicted to?

Coffee in the morning.

- What is your dream vacation?

New York, New York. Did I already mention that? New Yoooooork.

- What makes you proud of yourself?

That I'm still in school and working hard, and have okay grades. That I'm earning my own money and becoming more and more independent. That I'm happy and trying hard to be nice to everyone. That I'm not screwed up like so many around me.

- You will never...?

I will never not love reading and get enjoyment from having a new book.

- If your house was on fire, what's the first thing you would grab and save?

Let's say my family had already been saved, then I'd probably pick my laptop. That's practical, isn't it? Or should I go for something more sentimental? Agh, I'll never know the answer to this question, I'm so indecisive.

- What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

I'm not a very brave person, truth be told. In fact, I'm kind of cowardly. Is donating blood brave? If so, then that.

- One thing you are grateful for?

That I live in a first world country in a financially stable family and that we're all happy and healthy. I am so so so thankful for that.

My nominees:





I know I'm meant to nominate eleven people but I feel that if I nominate a really popular blogger with a huge blog, they won't see the comment and won't do the post. I also did The Versatile Blogger Award a couple of weeks ago and nominated a few people then, and as this award is fairly similar, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to nominate them for this one again? Also, it's pretty hard to narrow down every blog I love reading to merely eleven people. Maybe I'm making a bad call on this one, but I think I'm going to stick with four nominees. 

However, if you want to do this tag, then I nominate you. Feel free to do it and send me the link afterwards. Good luck, and have fun! xo

My questions for you:

- Best day of your life?

- Favourite flower?

- Are your toenails currently painted?

- A quote to live by?

- Biggest problem in your life right now?

- What does your most recent text message say?

- 13th line on the 123rd page of your favourite book?

- Do you read a newspaper?

- What song is in your head right now?

- What will you be doing in 19 hours' time?

- Favourite website?

Enjoy! And thank you again Anna, I've really enjoyed doing this.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Laila Daho

This lady is an incredible person. She's so beautiful and charismatic and kind-hearted, but most of all, she's inspirational. Much like the majority of her subscribers, I had no idea that she used to be overweight and this video surprised me hugely. But it's also made me see that extreme weight loss is possible. She was 322 pounds when she was 18. She's now lost 166 pounds and looks fab.

This video has inspired me to start eating healthily - much more so than any of the other videos like this I've watched. I think it's because she was a UK size 22 and now she's, what, a 10? That's amazing. So starting now, I'm going to try and stop eating so much. Because, you know what, I'm not entirely happy with my figure. Having said that, I don't know many people who are, but still, I want to be a size 10. I want to make it happen and I'm going to try my hardest to. Starting from today.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Style icon: Nina Dobrev

You and I are just walking disasters

Today I sat down with two of my best friends in a deserted corridor at school. We'd just come in from the pouring rain. Izzie's boyfriend broke up with her last night (simply by cancelling their facebook relationship status; dick move) and all three of us were so tired.

Kate: Guys, what's your current mood?

Lola: I don't know, kind of indifferent, really.

Izzie: Empty.

Kate: Yeah, me too.

Lola: And me.

Kate: I feel kind of like something's missing.

Lola: Yeah. Like I should be thinking about something, or doing something... but I'm not.

Izzie: I'm exactly the same.

Lola: But I don't even know what's making me feel that way.

And that's exactly it. I've been sort of drifting along for the past month or two, not really sure what I'm doing or where I'm going. It's all a bit weird because I'm usually a really driven person and totally switched on all the time. I don't think I like this weird kind of inbetween stage but I know I'll be back to normal soon.

Happy Monday guys! xo

Song of the day:

Walking Disasters - The Wombats