Thursday, 10 October 2013

No make up day!

Hi everyone! My parents are in Luxembourg at the moment and my grandma has come over from Germany for the week. She absolutely loves shopping, and so do I! We went for a walk yesterday and somehow ended up in the New Look sale.. oops. Everything there was either a size 6 or a size 22 - I guess it's just all their left over stock - so not much fitted me as I'm usually a 12. Then I stumbled across a really cute tee with a cat on it. I don't really like cats much, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, or any other animals really, but I thought the tshirt was really sweet and wearable. (Apologies for the grumpy face in the first photo, sorry!)

I also decided to have a no make up day today. I always feel really proud when I step out of the house with no make up on, so everyone at school was treated to the sight of my naked face on this fine morning.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Song of the day:

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings


  1. We the kings are great! You look so pretty without make up and that top is adorable :') xxxx

  2. I love your look, I´m your new follower. Kisses.

  3. love your blog! shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

  4. Gorgeous! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please visit mine and I'll follow you back :) xo Jess

  5. well, you look great without!
    shall we follow?facebook/bloglovin
    greetings from Holland

  6. you look fine without makeup anyway! Some times the best days are when you feel like you don't have to look perfect you can just be yourself!

    Jess xxx xx

  7. that tshirt is soooo awesome!! !! i want one toooo *.*