Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ap ap ap ap Apollo Theatre style!

I went to the Apollo Theatre last night to see Wicked! It was so so so amazing. I've wanted to see it for about four years now, so to finally go was so great. I've definitely over-used the word "so" right there. Oops.

I felt like such a tourist taking photos of the outside of the theatre but it was all lit up beautifully and looked so wonderful. They're on my phone though, so I can't get them on here, waah. The performance itself was amazing too. I will never understand how people can sing that well and run around and dance and still hold the note. So crazy! The staging was beautiful and the costumes - and pretty much everything about the performance - were lovely! 'Defying Gravity' has always been a song I lovelovelove. To hear it live was actually a dream come true. So lame, I know. But you know when you get shivers when you hear a fantastic piece of music or your favourite song? I had shivers to the point of spasms for about five minutes straight while the actress was singing it. 

I went with my friend Jo - we always go to the theatre together. It's like a mini tradition now. Last year it was The Woman in Black, and the year before Love Never Dies. And before that, I think it was Phantom of the Opera, and before that, Fantasia. I think that was what it was called..! Anyway, for Wicked, we sat in the very back row. Tickets were only £15 and you could see everything. Why pay like £50 for front row seats when being at the back is fine?!

This was my ap ap ap ap Apollo Theatre syle! Love for Psy. 

Dress: TopShop, £20
Cardigan: New Look, £10
Scarf: H&M, £13
Boots: Shoe Zone, £15

Song of the day:

Boyfriend - Big Time Rush
Such a guilty pleasure, love it!

Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi! I now have an obsession with dresses. I feel I need moremoremore. I think I have four which isn't too many... So I found this one from TopShop and it's so lovely ( but I realised that £46 was a huge amount to spend on a dress when you can probably get great stuff like this from a charity shop. I love charity shops!

And then I saw this one: but they don't do it in a medium right now. Plus, I wouldn't know what shoes to wear with it - converse wouldn't look good and my Doc Martens wouldn't match with it sooooo.. it's a no-go.

But I went down to TopShop today just to see what they had a came back with a Jersey dress in bottle green. It's reaaally nice and definitely flattering for any figure. If you're skinny, it makes it look like you have curves, and if you have lumps and bumps, it skims over but accentuates them. It's so great! It also comes in burgundy, royal blue, white, and black. It's £20.

I found my bottle of white nail varnish yesterday. It's not the best quality because it's only from Claire's but I think white polish can look so chic!

And I also found my favourite ever ring! I got it from a German market in the summer for twenty euros. I think that's kind of a lot but it's sterling silver with a "rainbow moonstone", whatever that is, however valuable it is.

Anyway, I have a ton of English lit work to do, my teacher has no mercy.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Come here, Sharon

Yesterday morning, we drove up to a town called Tamworth just north of Birmingham where my grandparents live. Some idiot decided to build this town on a floodplain so the whole town centre is totes submerged. And someone was actually canoeing in a field full of water, lol. My grandparents' house is one of my favourite places in the world. Maybe because it's so far away from where we live, I just feel so withdrawn from real life when I'm there, in a good way. It's so cosy and warm and they always make the best food and I never actually want to go home. Christmas there is always the best. Anyway, all I needed for the weekend away was this:

The Catcher in the Rye is such an amazing book. I lovelovelove it so much. It's actually taking me ages to get through because the print is so tiny - I've been reading it for a few days now and it's still not done. And of course my beautiful iPod came with. Lauren Aquilina released a free download of four remixes of 'Fools' so they've been playing all weekend. Also, my dad went shopping today and came home with this from Morrison's:

Good choice, Daddy, good choice. It tastes kind of like orangeade with a hint on bubblegum. Very naaaaice!

My mum, brother and I have been campaigning for a pet pug. We luuurve them. They're so cute but pedigree pugs have a few health issues so a puggle - a pug crossed with a beagle - is probably a better bet. If it's a girl, we'll call her Sharon and if it's a boy, we'll call him Colin. I think those names are so hilarious for a dog. Or Margaret or something. But we probably won't get a dog because it's a bit of a pain when we go away and stuff. Ah well.

Song of the day:

Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials - The Wombats

Thursday, 22 November 2012


My friend Alex is an absolute joker. He's hilarious in everything he says and does and I just love him to absolute pieces. He was on the website for one of our local football teams and on their page of staff, they have a photo of their kit manager. His name is Clive. Clive is a man in his fifties and looks so overjoyed in the photo, his smile is so huge. Alex thought it was bloody hilarious that any team would have a photo of their kit manager on their site. So bloody hilarious that he took it upon himself to print out hundreds of photos of Clive.

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing photos of Clive around the school. They were stuck on people's lockers, inside the doors of toilet cubicles, in the urinals, above the clock in the main hall. It's so great. The more you look, the more you see. Today, our form tutor wasn't in so we spent the whole of form time sticking more pictures of Clive up. This time, Alex put captions on them like "the end is nigh" and "prepare yourselves, children". Then, he wrote "this is Clive's locker now" on a photo and slid it inside someone's locker. They'll probably have a heart attack when they next open it. Maybe this sounds ridiculously immature but I think it's so funny. Oh, the larks we have whilst being mature sixth formers.

I was on a chair to stick a picture of Clive above a class room door, and as I got down, my jeans split. Like totally ripped all round the back of one leg, pretty high up. Close to my bum. Woohoo. I had to go down to the textiles department and borrow a needle and thread for my friend to stitch it up for me. So bad! Also, my UCAS card arrived yesterday, yay! This means I can now get a discount in so many shops. I'm pretty sure it's 20% off in New Look which is so great.

Outfit for Thursday 22nd November:

Cardi: mummy's cast-off, real cashmere, oooh!
Top: New Look, £10.
Jeans: BHS, £17.
Shoes: Doc Martens, £82.50.

This is the pattern of the tshirt, it just doesn't show up on the main photo.

A close up of my Doc Martens! They're my babies, I love them loooots.

Song of the day:

Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rainy day!

It's so rainy outside, it's horrible! Today was a kind of average Tuesday but my friend and I had to give a speech to the whole of year eleven on why they should stay at our school for sixth form. I hate public speaking but I guess I need to get good at it sometime, so why not today? It went okay; I didn't mess up or anything. It's just that all 210 of them were sitting there trying not to fall asleep because they genuinely don't care what anyone has to say. I don't really have a problem with that though, because my year group is probably the same. It was just a bit like talking to a wall.

Outfit for Monday 19th November:

Top: New Look, £13?
Skirt: QEF charity shop, £2.

I also painted my nails the other day in my favourite nail colour I have, I think. It's really subtle and classy (I like to think). It's by 17, not too sure of the varnish name or number, sorry!

Song of the day:

His Name - He is We

Monday, 19 November 2012

Took a bus to Chinatown

Urgh, so bored, maaan! Nothing really special has happened at all since I last posted. Tragic. I went on a chip crawl on Friday night though, and just bought a ton of chips with my friends to see which we like best. Lame, I know, but yummy. Saturday: nothing. Sunday: nothing. Well, that's a little lie. On Sunday, we had a football match. It was a quarter final and we beat the team 8-0, woohoo! I had a pretty good game too and my manager didn't shout at me once! Yay. But I still feel like I have to have a moan about him. So many girls - including me - are leaving the team at the end of the season because of him.

I'm not asking him to lie to us when we have a bad game and tell us that we did okay. I'm not asking for easy training sessions and no strenuous fitness work. I'm not even asking for him to not give us any criticism. All I'm asking is that everyone on the team is treated the same. He has his favourites and it's so bloody annoying. My friend has scored twelve goals this season. He was doing a quick round up of everyone who's scored since the first game. He did not mention her once. Every single person he did think to mention has scored fewer than her. asjlkfwivneoqcnmkq.

Anyway, I think that's all. I've recently rediscovered my love for Regina Spektor. Fidelity might possibly be the best song ever ever ever written!

Song of zee day:

Fidelity - Regina Spektor

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Catch up

Remember ages ago - like two weeks ago - when I wanted to upload photos of a cute little dress I bought in Oxford and the little bag it came in? Well I found the photos now, woohoo! I couldn't get a decent photo of the dress on though...

This is the pattern of the dress, it's a chiffon material and so naaaaice!

And this is the little bag it came in which is only about 20cm tall.

Oh and the hair dye has faded to go very much ginger. This is not "golden honey", is it, L'Oreal Paris?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It's like rain on your wedding day

I knew it wasn't going to be my day the moment we all woke up late and had a mad rush. I had no clothes to wear. I'd almost lost my voice. I had a football match looming after school. Not ideal. Of course, this would be the perfect day for an incredibly embarrassing event to take please. Naturally (because this is my life).

The scene is the common room, break time. The bass is turned all the way up on the speakers. Everyone has their chairs arranged in little circles with their groups of friends in the room. I happen to have my chair in the very centre of the room because that's where my friends decided to put themselves. Some year thirteen guys think it would be a great idea to chuck around a huge full water bottle without a lid on. Nothing spills yet. They think it would be a good idea to try and throw this bottle of water on a girl they hate. Oh yeah, she's sitting behind me. Fate thinks it would be a good idea for this bottle and all the water it contains to land on me.

So I sat there, soaked from head to toe. I'm not even exaggerating - it was dripping from my hair and seeping through my jeans. It looked like I wet myself. Someone switched the music off, it was such a movie-moment! It's not a feeling I can describe when over two hundred people turn to stare at you in a shocked silence. No one actually spoke. So I did the only thing you can do in a situation where you're soaking wet with hundreds of spectators. I laughed. And my friend joined in hysterically which was a little embarrassing, to say the least.

People who'd I never spoken to, the "cool kids" from the year above, kept coming over to check I was okay (I was thinking, it's not like I'm bleeding to death or anything...) which was sweet and, to be fair, the guy came and apologised too - it was then he explained he's been aiming for "the fat chick behind you". So, lol. People were like "oh Kate, it could have happened to anyone, that's so unlucky!". I was thinking, well it wouldn't happen to anyone else, would it? Because these things always happen to me. Who gets the dodgy chair that breaks to the floor when you sit on it? Who steps in the dog poo at training? Who buys the only dress in the whole shop with a hole in it? Me, me, and me again! Everyone else just is very very lucky. dfjkahsgjkdhvndi.

Oh, but we won our football match 6-2, yay! That was national cup so we're down to the last eight teams in the entire country. So freaking proud! I've got a yummy dinner today too and haven't eaten in the longest time so I'll probably have ninth helpings, or something.

Song of the day:

Ironic - Alanis Morissette

Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Monday #2

Today was an unusually good day, woohoo! Well, a good day for a Monday at any rate. I don't know if you remember from ages ago when I said my friend and I had set ourselves a Christmas time goal, which was to introduce ourselves to a hot guy, just for the lolz. She did it about two weeks ago to this Chinese guy whose name I don't actually know. And today, I saw this really cute guy who's just adorable but I've never spoken to him. So I did. Christmas time goal, check! Completed, yay! This is the kind of tragic life we lead. We've got a February goal now which I shall write about later once I'm bored and have nothing to blog about.

There's also this guy in the year above who I've previously moaned about on here - I believe the post "We had a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair" is aimed at him. Anyway, we barely ever speak in person and today I initiated a chat and we just had a great little chinwag. He has such nice teeth! I've never noticed before because we practically never talk. And it was kinda cringe in geography today when I was chatting to my teacher about a documentary which he'd watched too (I'd told him about it, luls) and he'd obviously told her about it but I didn't know. And she was like "Oh my, you and [insert his name] should just get together!". It was rather embarrassing, to say the least.

At this party I was at on Friday night, I spent a lot of time with a guy there and realised I quite like him. He's a really close family friend of one of my best friends and he told her afterwards that he quite likes me too. So she said he's gonna ask me out on a date or something soon. I've probably just jinxed it. Anyway, it's been a pretty good day!

Some horribly unflattering and bad-angled photos from Friday are up now:

L-R: Ellie, Michelle, Will, me

From L-R: Elliot, Izzie, Connor, Alex, Archie, me, Matt, Ellie
Becky, Michelle, Olly

Outfit for the evening of Friday 9th November:

Parka - Peacocks, £40
Jumper - Marks and Spencers, £35
Skirt - QEF charity shop, £2
Boots - Shoe Zone, £15

Song of the day:

California - Metro Station


I feel like there's so much pressure on teenagers these days. Haha, I sound like an old person. I don't know, maybe it's always been like this but I'm only noticing it now that I'm in the middle of my teenage years. There's pressure to perform well at school, pressure to not let yourself get obese (but I don't think the media has anything to do with that), and heeeeeell, there's even pressure to get in a serious relationship. Like, people always ask about my 'past relationships' and I'm like "well, my longest one lasted a week, sooo.." I'm not afraid of commitment or anything but I just think it's not worth getting serious unless you can see it lasting for ages. Uh oh, I sense this post is leading somewhere completely different.

There's pressure to have sex, pressure to dress provocatively, and there's actually pressure to get your first kiss. I'm not going to lie, I got mine, what would be considered by some people as, 'quite late' and people are like "what, you haven't got off with anyone yet? Are you, like, frigid?" dadsdkjsgljklhsfhs it just annoys me a bit! And what also irks me is the perception of youth today. I was doing some charity work a little while ago and I heard this horrible woman say "well it's good to see you young people actually doing something good for once". I wanted to slap her. You only see the bad stuff in the press like "TEENAGERS SMASH SHOP WINDOWS. EVERY TEENAGER IS SCUM". You never ever see "Lovely teenagers do charity work and raise thousands of pounds". Sorry, this is totes irrelevant.

All I was trying to say with this post is a lot is expected of people like me and it's not too fun. Also, I'll just put it out there: people have got it so wrong when they say anorexic or bulimic girls are influenced by images of skinny people in the media. Not one person I know feels like this. I reckon it's just a good "reason" for lots of girls becoming skinnier and that they need something to pin it on. Again, totally unrelated, I'm sorry! Lol, I just read this back - it makes practically no sense at all so I apologise!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hey ho, there she goes

Hello beautiful people! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a very long time. I've been away on a geography trip (which I'm sure I wrote before..) and have had no access to the wonderful site that is blogspot. But I am back now, yay! We went to this centre of which I posted a photo in a previous post. It looks nice on the outside but on the inside, to quote my friend Oliver, "it's a shit hole". Basically, the floors are sticky, there are dead bugs squashed on the walls and all the pipes leak in the main downstairs rooms. There are only eleven of us in the geography class - nine boys and two girls so I obvo shared a room with the only other girl. However, we had to share two showers and two toilets with the nine boys and, oh my God, it's so icky.

Their room stunk so much too but it was either to sit in there and have laughs with them each night or to sit in our own room, all lonely, so we chose the smelly option. We worked so much more than we do at school as well. The routine was to get up at 6.30am to race the boys to the showers, make packed lunches at 8am, breakfast at 8.30am, tuition at 9.30, fieldwork at 11am, come back for another lesson at 3.30pm, dinner at 6pm, and then another hour of lessons. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that's nine and a half hours of work each day, waaah. We went to two villages to note down how old their houses were, we decided at how much risk certain areas were from flooding, and we measured a ton of stuff at four river locations. And then we wrote up aaaaall of our findings and made a billion graphs of it all.

Having said all this, I actually had a great time. We had so many lolz every day, I can't even remember them all. While we were measuring the river width and shiz, two boys in my class, Oli and Gena, fell down the river back and flat on their faces in the river. I have never ever laughed so much. Well, I probably have, but still. So funny. They accidentally swallowed some of the water and we got told the river water has a disease in it that they might catch.. not good. But I don't think they're too bothered actually. And you know when you have such a wonderful heart to heart with someone it just is so great? In our lunch break in one of the villages, my friend Matt and I found this cute little alcove with benches so we just talked for the longest time about everrrrything. It was so nice.

We also all went to the cinema on Thursday night to see Argo. It's so amazing. It might be one of my favourite films ever now. I can recommend it so highly. I'm crap at reviewing things but go and look it up; it's a thriller and I didn't think it would be my thing but it's everyone's thing, I'm telling. So great. So, all in all, it was a wonderful trip. Except for the place we stayed but I love my class sooo much. Aw, I'm getting all sentimental.

God, this is such a long post, sorry! Congrats if you're this far down. I went to a cah-ray-zee partay last night too. Such fun (Miranda reference)! I feel a little bit sick today but it was so great and being all tired is deffo worth it. Today, I went to a church jumble sale and bought a book for 30p, yayayay. My brother has all his friends over for his birthday right now and I want to shoot them all, they're so freaking loud and annoying. Thank God they're off to the cinema soon.

Song of the day:

Candy - Robbie Williams

I don't know why the link isn't coming up properly, that's really annoying. This was played so much on the minibus radio to all the river locations, it's an amazing song!

The sunset in the garden looks so pretty right now!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I won't let you close enough to hurt me

Lol, today I wrote one of the worst essays I've ever written in my life. "How far was Nicholas II responsible for the fall of the Romanovs?" I don't know. Oh well, history isn't the most important subject I take so I don't really mind! We get the essays back tomorrow but I'm going on a geography trip then. It's for two nights to this mansion house in Dorking. During the day, we go to a river and measure how fast it's moving and how much sediment it carries. That's for seven hours each day, for three days, waaah! In the evenings, we do write ups of the day's experiments and do assessments, boohoo. We only have 11 in our geography class so we're joining up with 5 other people there, from two different schools. So, to be honest, that's the bit I'm most excited for - to meet other people and have fun tymz. This is where we're staying:

We get back on Friday evening and then I've got a party, wahaay. I totes forgot that I'm going to it so it's a nice surprise. Nothing else special is happening really.. I'm about to go to a meeting to discuss what's going to happen when I go to India to build houses and teach children and stuff. Merrrhhh.

Song of the day:

Turning Tables - Adele

Monday, 5 November 2012

May 2011

In May last year, I had one of the bloody scariest days of my life. I was in McDonald's with my friends Jess, Alan and Matt. We were in the upstairs seating area and it was deserted. Having our Big Macs, as usual, and just laughing and being carefree young things. All of a sudden, a group of five boy come up the stairs. Trousers halfway down their legs and arses hanging out. Beanie hats on over shaved heads. They looked scary as the slouched along and gave us these horrible looks because, oh sorry, we're normal middle class teenagers who actually pronounce our T's.

Unfortunately, dear Jess could not stop staring at them with what the hell blatantly written across her face. So much that they came over. This one in a batman tshirt stood right over us and said "what ends you from?". We actually just sat there like man, what is happening? And then he was like "you deaf? What ends you from?". And still, we sat there in silence. So I was like "Um, where we're from? Er, England". Like, what am I actually supposed to say? He'd probably have beaten me up if I wasn't a girl. He said as much. So they went and sat back down and we were sitting there like, God God God, what do we do?!

We were actually just about to leave when they came back over. Jess had her BlackBerry out and they tried to rip it out of her hands. Then the guy was like to Matt, "you gonna let me treat you bird like that?" and Matt was like "um yeah". This guy was totally looking for a fight and was getting so angry while we just sat there suppressing giggles. And then he started swearing loudly. So I said "I think it's time to go, don't you guys?" and Jess said, "Yep, I think it's time to go" and Alan said "Mhm, time to go!". So we got up and absolutely legged it down the stairs. We'd reached the bottom and were all like "Shit, where's Matt?!"

We ran back up the stairs and he was actually cowering in a corner as this batman guy took off his belt and starting whipping Matt with it. So crazy. Looking back now, I cannot stop laughing. Honestly, this is one of the things that gets me cracking up by myself all the time. But it was so freaking scary at the time. We were all like "RUUUUN!" and sprinted out onto the highstreet. We told the manager quickly before we went and he said he would beat them up if he had to, to get them out, haha. And all ended well.

Friday, 2 November 2012

We had a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair.. not

When facebook tells me "[insert name] messaged you" my heart skips a beat.

I get butterflies, 'the beautiful kind, making up for lost time' (to quote Taylor Swift).

Seeing him lights up the room and sets me up with a good mood for the rest of the day.

Being on the receiving end of one of his terse smiles or attempts at discreet nods (which appear to simply be neck spasms) feels like a prize, a treasure, a reward for my persistence.

And I feel like nothing could ever go wrong. 

My heart pounds with excitement and my cheeks flush a deep crimson, betraying my buried emotions.

When he leaves, I shall have my arms wrapped around his neck .

And he'll walk off, dragging me with him, John-Sergeant-on-Strictly-Come-Dancing-style, and everyone will flop to the floor and cry with envy in our wake.

The end.

I was talking to my friend about this guy and basically we started taking the piss out of the way he acts and treats people - namely me - so it got me typing furiously and I eventually came up with this "poem" about it all. This is just a transcript of our conversation. Haha. I hate poetry so this is a bit of a satirical post. Poems don't have to rhyme, ya'know. But yes, this guy is so hot and cold, so crazy in the way he flips and does complete 180s in how he acts around me. This is me channelling my emotions on the very... sensitive... subject. Not.

Ill Manors - Plan B

I HATE this song. It's definitely not the kind of music I would normally listen to but I was watching Hackney Weekend a few months ago and it came on. I thought the lyrics were so horrible! I'm not like a top snob or anything but I just feel like it's a really rude song, looking "down" on people who are middle class and referring to them as "little rich boys" (is this called reverse snobbery?). It seems now that so many people think it's okay to pick on people for being well-spoken and educated and wanting to be cultured and ready to learn. Yet, if one of these "little rich boys" were to walk down the street screaming about how chavvy some people were, he would be hated forever. It's so ridiculous.

Please read the not-so-wonderful lyrics right here: I don't know, maybe you won't see it the same way I do, or interpret it the same way, but I think it's so horrible. It's definitely made me dislike Plan B immensely. If you're going to write a song like that, I think a lot of people are going to hate it.

Binky Felstead recently wrote an amazing article that just says exactly what I'm trying to get across here without being entirely offensive. She's saidstated it all so articulately here: and I really like her style of writing. Love you, Binky!

Song of the day: (for all the wrong reasons)

Ill Manors - Plan B

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ansari Boutique

I went with my family for a day trip to Oxford today. It's such a lovely place! I NEED to get a uni place there, simply because the town is so great. However, there is practically no parking at all so we seemed to spend half the day driving round looking for a space. The highlight of my day was deffo discovering a little place called Ansari Boutique ( They sell amazing dresses and scarves and bags and it's all so beautiful. So I dragged my mum in there and tried on a few dresses. The one I got is kind of a teal colour with leaf patterns and is a chiffony kind of material for £30.

However, they only do sizes "S-M" and "M-L". Medium to large is about a UK size 12 so if anyone is any bigger than that, Ansari have lost out on a lot of business. I did get photos of the dress and cute little bags they give you instead of carrier bags but my camera is being so horrible and not uploading any of them, waaaah! I think it's completely broken now! Anyway, it was going to be a longer post but as I can't put pictures up, I'm finished. Byeeeee!