Monday, 12 November 2012

Happy Monday #2

Today was an unusually good day, woohoo! Well, a good day for a Monday at any rate. I don't know if you remember from ages ago when I said my friend and I had set ourselves a Christmas time goal, which was to introduce ourselves to a hot guy, just for the lolz. She did it about two weeks ago to this Chinese guy whose name I don't actually know. And today, I saw this really cute guy who's just adorable but I've never spoken to him. So I did. Christmas time goal, check! Completed, yay! This is the kind of tragic life we lead. We've got a February goal now which I shall write about later once I'm bored and have nothing to blog about.

There's also this guy in the year above who I've previously moaned about on here - I believe the post "We had a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair" is aimed at him. Anyway, we barely ever speak in person and today I initiated a chat and we just had a great little chinwag. He has such nice teeth! I've never noticed before because we practically never talk. And it was kinda cringe in geography today when I was chatting to my teacher about a documentary which he'd watched too (I'd told him about it, luls) and he'd obviously told her about it but I didn't know. And she was like "Oh my, you and [insert his name] should just get together!". It was rather embarrassing, to say the least.

At this party I was at on Friday night, I spent a lot of time with a guy there and realised I quite like him. He's a really close family friend of one of my best friends and he told her afterwards that he quite likes me too. So she said he's gonna ask me out on a date or something soon. I've probably just jinxed it. Anyway, it's been a pretty good day!

Some horribly unflattering and bad-angled photos from Friday are up now:

L-R: Ellie, Michelle, Will, me

From L-R: Elliot, Izzie, Connor, Alex, Archie, me, Matt, Ellie
Becky, Michelle, Olly

Outfit for the evening of Friday 9th November:

Parka - Peacocks, £40
Jumper - Marks and Spencers, £35
Skirt - QEF charity shop, £2
Boots - Shoe Zone, £15

Song of the day:

California - Metro Station

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