Friday, 29 March 2013

I remember it now...

... it takes me back to when it all first started. I had high hopes. 365 days.

I haven't posted in nine days, this is awful! As usual, my excuse is that things have been so hectic - essays, schoolwork, bla bla bla - that I couldn't actually find the time to blog. I did, however, find the time to put my books into alphabetical order which is something I'd been intending to do for a while. It actually took bloody ages, like nearly an hour which was much longer than I'd first anticipated. My room became a bit of a mess in the process:

I actually have nothing to report which is pretty tragic. I've just been bumbling along, procrastinating, laughing, and reading. #SuchFun. We broke up from school on Wednesday and had an inset day yesterday so I went to a town near us with all the great shops with my mum and did a little bit of retail therapy. A lot of the things bought were birthday presents for me - I had to come and help because I'm apparently "hard to buy for" - so they've been whisked away and I'm not allowed to touch them for another fifteen days. I did pick up a Rimmel lipstick though, from the Kate Moss range - number 19, Rossetto. I LOVE it; it feels just the right amount of creamy on your lips and lasts for like three/four hours (although since it's the "lasting finish" range, I'm not sure how much that counts for...)

But the highlight of my day was definitely lunch. We went to my favourite ever ever ever restaurant, Wagamama (specialising in Japanese/Chinese/Thai style food), and I experienced heaven on a plate. I always get the same thing whenever we go there - the chicken katsu curry. You get a leafy salad with pieces of ginger coated in a delicious dressing, a mound of sticky white rice on a bed of breaded chicken, smothered in a spicy green sauce - for only £9.40, bargainous! Honestly, if there's one place you're allowed to eat out at for the rest of your life, it has to be Wagamama.


In other news, I have recently enjoyed painting my nails and discovering that I can put two earrings into once ear piercing.

NYC: Spring Street

I believe this has covered all the happenings in the past nine days of my life. I promise I'm going to try and be more consistent in my posting! Luuurve to all.

Song of the day:

High Hopes - Kodaline

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I want to set you free

I want to be your Friday night, sweet ride. Summertime, sunshine, barefoot in the moonlight.

Friday Night, Lady Antebellum

An ocean drive is a magic carpet ride

Flickriver, mike_s_etc

And the buildings all around us feel like castles in the sky.

Fairytales of LA - Savannah Outen

Oh, simple thing

I felt the earth beneath my feet. Sat by the river and it made me complete. - Keane

There's got to be more than what I'm living for

So bogged down with work right now, it's so crazy. At Brownies on Friday, we went to Sainsbury's so the girls could get their 'Number Fun' badge (it was anything but fun) by looking at a shopping list created by the leaders, finding the products , and adding everything up. #SuchFun. They all got so excited that we were actually on an outing that they spent the whole time screaming hysterically and I spent my whole time pulling them out of the way of oncoming trolleys. Lovely way to spend Friday night. 

However, one of my friends had a party later on in the night which was actually really great because I knew everyone there. I know it sounds really bad and unsociable, but I absolutely hate mingling at parties where you only know a few people. You spend like half the time trying to actually find some people you want to talk to and by the time you get to know them properly, the taxi is waiting. Maybe that's just me, oops. And then you also have to try and dress nicely to make a good impression and whatnot, hair and makeup done properly. But for places where it's just your friends, like on Friday night, I can turn up in what I wore to school, with no makeup and it's fine. I love it.

I also discovered a top which I've had for a couple of years but haven't really worn much. It's very bright and summery so I'll probably wear it more then, and is from New Look.

Yesterday, I went to a UCAS convention at Surrey University to pick up some prospectuses and ask the reps questions about applying and things. It was actually really fun but my friends and I got lost on the way there and took a forty minute detour. We walked all the way up a main road and were literally at a farm when I asked if my friend knew where we were on the map. She didn't. Journeying there and back was a bladdy nightmare!

But I did manage to get loads of information there and a cheeky free bag from Liverpool Uni. I'm currently considering the University of Kent, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Sussex, University of Essex, Newcastle University, Brunel University, University of Chester (this one is my favourite!), Keele University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Birmingham, and the Royal Holloway. (Have I ever typed "university" so much in one sentence? I don't think so.)

Birmingham, Gloucestershire and the Royal Holloway didn't have
any prospectuses left when we got there (can you say inefficient?!)

Outfit for Tuesday 19th March:

Blazer: H&M, 40 euros
Dress: Republic, £20
Bag: Primark, £2
Boots: Amsterdam market, 15 euros

Song of the day:

Shine - Laura Izibor

SUCH a feel good song!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sibling love

I love my little brother more than anyone else in the entire world. Well, I call him my "little" brother but in truth, he's fourteen years old, has been stronger than me since he was nine (thanks to his hundred press ups every night), and for the past six months, has been taller than me. This aside, he'll always be my little brother.

I have a variety of nicknames for him which include Hen, Henny, Hen Pen, Henny Penny, Henny Pen, and Hen Penny (this is the latest one). Original, as you can see, all derived from his actual name, Henry (in case you haven't guessed). When we were younger, he used to tell me he wanted to be like me and I would be the one he came to talk about problems at school or nightmares he was having. We'd play with our Build-A-Bears and Sylvanian Families or jump on the trampoline for about four hours straight. Yes, we would argue and have little punch-ups but we always resolved them and they was pretty rare anyway. 

Now that we're older, we still argue but we also make popcorn together and watch chick flicks and rom coms, or Keeping Up With the Kardashians - I've "corrupted" him, according to our mum! I help him with his homework and play football with him in the garden, which I bloody hate. Occasionally, I'll lend him some concealer for a really gross spot he has, or hairspray his hair if he's having a bad hair day. Last night we had a little photoshoot just after we watched PS I Love You with some caramel popcorn.

I did have a collection of photos up but he ordered me to take them down soooo...

His lovely eye with his fabulously long lashes,
of which I will be forever jealous.

So, this is just a little post dedicated to my favourite person on the planet, my little broboy Henry. 

Song of the day: (his absolute favourite)

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That - Sweet Brown

Sunday, 10 March 2013

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

I have decided I have fallen in love with Lara Mullen.

I was reading the Telegraph's fashion pages yesterday and there was a feature on her with an interview. Qhamdsaskjjweu, she's so amazing!

Anyway, I got side tracked. The main reason I am posting today is for some feedback. I am in dire need of some help. I was at my grandparents' house from yesterday until this morning and I found some jumpers and a rugby shirt in some drawers. My grandma said she would be happy for me to take them and two of them are really lovely and I'll definitely wear them. However, I am not sure about the third. She knitted it for my dad like twenty years ago or something and I think it's really amazing but I'm not sure if it would be socially acceptable to wear it.

Is this something I could get away with wearing to school? Honest opinions needed please!

I did my nails with three pastel colours as apparently these kind of shades are "in" right now, plus I really like them!

Pink: Simply Pink, 17
Blue: Mint Choc Chip, 17
Purple: Shade 24, MUA

Song of the day:

Pompeii - Bastille

I'm so happy Bastille are finally in the charts. None of this hipster shit about wanting them to stay secret so I can pretend I'm indie. They're finally getting the recognition they deserve and it's so great!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day everyone! I hope your day has been wonderful and cheerful and fantastic. At our school, every year when World Book Day comes around, the sixth formers dress up as their favourite book characters and preach to year sevens why reading is good. However, most of my year group are illiterate and have probably never read a book in their lives. This is why only twelve out of 300 year 12s and 13 actually bothered to dress up. I am one of these people. I came as Jeane Smith of 'Adorkable' by Sarra Manning (please see post titled "Tag!" to read why I love her). Other characters included "anonymous Hogwarts student", Luna Lovegood, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Undead Magician, the Joker and a mysterious fortune teller.

Cardigan: hand-me-down from mama
Shirt: New Look, £12
Skirt: TopShop, £28
Tights: Primark, £1
Socks: BHS
(worn with blue studded boots from Amsterdam.)

I also made my hair purple with that coloured hair spray paint stuff you can get from any party shop. This was honestly the highlight of my day but people thought I had genuinely dyed it.

When we went and spoke to year sevens to tell them how great reading is and that they should deffo do it often, one boy's excuse for never reading was that his "arms get tired from turning the pages all the time". He was obese and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from asking him if his arms get tired from lifting all that food to his mouth too. Probably wouldn't have gone down well!

Oh, and I did promise to upload a lovely snap of my MUTILATED leg from the football match on Sunday. Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration but it still hurts a lot and the swelling hasn't gone down. It doesn't actually look that impressive in the photos though:

The cut is about 15cm long and isn't actually that deep but it stiiiiings! Also, the bruise (which continues out of shot on the right hand side) was bright purple like two days ago - I should have totally got a photo of it then!

Song of the day:

Playwright Fate - I Blame Coco

My love for Coco is out of dis wurld.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bookworm Problem #1

That horrible grumpy mood you get after reading bad reviews about your favourite book.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

You're untouchable

I'm quite an emotionally stable person. I don't really have mood swings or ever flip out at anyone. I never really get "depressed" and hardly ever feel low, for that matter. But over the past week, I've been having what I call (Miranda reference!) "downer days". Just days where you feel like you don't care any more, like nothing is really worth it. I know that's not exactly the best frame of mind to be in but I've just been so bogged down by school work, it's kind of impossible to feel any other way! But I'm coping and I like to think I've seen the back of the downer days for a good while.

So, that is one of the reasons I have neglected my dear blog here - a ton of homework. I've also been soooo busy. Can you say "after school history classes, football match number one, football training, Brownies, running, shopping, football match number two, and history lectures"? It's been a bladdy nightmare! I got studded in the leg by a very large girl during my Sunday match, causing blood to dribble all the way down my leg. The gash is frickin huge and is now surrounded by a glorious technicolour bruise. I'll upload a lovely photo of it later.

Yesterday, I went to a six hour lecture on the Russian Revolution, Stalin and Lenin. Oh. My. God. I hate history anyway and this has only intensified the feeling. Also - and I don't know why I've never heard this before - lectures are SO boring! If this is what uni is going to be like for the whole three years, I'll just give it a miss. Honestly, people fell asleep, it was that bad!

So yes, sorry but I'll have to love and leave you and attend to the mountain of homework I have. Bye!

Song of the day:

Change Your Life - Little Mix