Saturday, 16 September 2017

Life Update

I've very much neglected this blog over the past couple of years, but I'm at a point in my life now where things are changing and I want to write a little update - not for the three people who still read my posts - but for me, so I can flick back through my blog fondly (as I sometimes do) and feel pleased that I documented it.

Firstly, I got dumped. This happened recently (like twelve days ago kind of recently) but I actually feel really okay about it. He and I had been seeing each other since 2013 sort of on and off, and then had two and a half years where we were together properly, travelling hundreds of miles to visit each other at uni, and being very in love. But not everything lasts forever, and one minute he was telling me that he's never been happier with someone, and then three weeks later was calling me after he'd gone back to uni to tell me it wasn't working. Obviously, I was a bit gutted but that lasted for about twenty four hours before I pulled myself together and I've been fine since. To be honest, I've barely thought about him which leads me to believe that I hadn't been in love with him for quite some time. I think we were comfortable and enjoyed each other's company, but sometimes that's not enough so perhaps this dumping is actually a blessing in disguise.

Another positive thing that has happened lately is that I FOUND A GRADUATE JOB (!!!!!). Last Friday, I emailed a local(ish) company that a friend of a friend works for, asking if they had any jobs going - despite there being no vacancies on the website and me having no experience whatsoever - and at 6.30am on Monday morning, I received an email inviting me for an interview. Said interview was being held the following morning. I barely had any time to go on the (not very informative) website to do a bit of research about the company before I went along to meet the director on Tuesday at 10am. Basically, I know hardly anything about the industry but I took note of a couple of clients (MTV being one, and New Look another!) which he was suitably impressed with (I hope), and I was offered the job there and then. Apparently, I "interview very well" which just means that I smile and say "oh really?" a lot when being told Important And Interesting Information. The salary is terrible but I'm hoping I can negotiate that soon. So, as of the third of October, I will be working in the utility contracting industry, for a company who deals with Harrods' utilities, amongst other organisations.

All of this means that I'll be leaving my job at McDonald's in two weeks, which I'm absolutely gutted about. I've been there for over four years, love the people that I work with, love the hours, the work, and training newbies. I've been there so long that I know everything about procedures, how to make every menu item, how to fix machines, how to deal with angry people, and how many milks the old lady likes in her tea every morning. I think I'll miss the regular customers almost as much as the job itself. I'm a bit scared about moving from a workplace where people come to me for help, to one where I'm totally untrained with no expertise whatsoever. I didn't, however, go to uni for three years and rack up forty grand of debt to flip burgers and make coffees for the rest of my life, so the transition is necessary. And I'll be making this transition as a single lady who's 2.5 stone lighter that she was last year, and a bloody lot happier than she's ever been.

I'd say life's pretty sweet right now.

Monday, 26 June 2017


I've finished uni.

I'm not officially a graduate yet because, for some ridiculous reason, the University of Chester holds the actual ceremony in November - but I am what's called a "graduand", apparently. I now have a 2.1 degree in English Language which I'm happy with. A first would have been fabulous but I definitely haven't worked hard enough to get one of those. My main aim now is to find a graduate job but I'm feeling quite lazy at the moment and I'd love to enjoy my last summer as a kind of non-adult without the pressure of real adult work.

I got back from a holiday to Bulgaria with my uni friends last Monday. We went for a week to celebrate finishing our degrees and, although I wasn't massively looking forward to it before we went, I had the best time ever and I'm experiencing major holiday blues right now. We had beautiful weather, went in the pool every day, and ate stupid amounts due to being on an all-inclusive scheme. I put on HALF A STONE while we were out there but most of it's dropped off now, thank god, because I've been eating sensible amounts again and running 20 miles in the past week.

I go back to work in a week at my job at McDonald's. They pay a pretty decent amount - more than bar work, or retail work - the people are lovely, and I'm good at it. I'm kind of looking forward to having an actual purpose again because right now I'm bumming around at home and feeling very bored. I don't think I could ever be long term unemployed. It's just soul-destroying.

I'm off to make a sandwich now but I'll leave you with a photo of me from last week, loving life on my inflatable flamingo.

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