Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, woohoo! I went to the library with my friends for a study session today, not that I got much work done. I believe this photo shows you exactly how productive my day was (ie. not at all). Lol at my hair looking practically the same as before in this light...

My mum has gone completely all-out for Halloween this year. For basically my whole life, every time Halloween rolled round, she and my dad would tape newspaper sheets up in the windows and turn all the front lights out to pretend we weren't in so no trick or treaters would come. This year, however, she's done a total one-eighty. She's dressed up as a witch - I tried to upload a photo but it wouldn't work - and has got in a ton of sweets. Every time the doorbell rings, she leaps up, pulls on her witch's hat (comes with a wig, of course) and whips open the door. She does this massive snarl and growls. So, naturally, the children are like whaaatdafuq but they still say "trick or treat!" And my mum goes "treat please!". Or she growls, should I say. And then proceeds to wet herself laughing. She thinks she's so hilarious. I don't know whether to crack up with her or cringe in a corner and deny any relation. She's so cray cray.

Oh, and she's also counting the amount of trick or treaters we've had... I think we're on twelve now. Oh dear! Doorbell's just gone so it's thirteen now. She's far too excited.

Song of the day:

I Hear Nothing At All - Orla Gartland

This girl is so great! She was playing in London on Monday, so bummed I couldn't get to see her. Love youuu Orla!

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