Monday, 22 October 2012


ajkldlghadancjefyughavbwdfoVBNX! Taylor Swift's new album came out today! Yayayayaya! Unfortunately, I can't get down to HMV until Wednesday to buy it. I actually love her. And it's so cute, in all of the lyric booklets that come with the CDs, she has hidden messages. Like, all the lyrics are lower case except for the occasional capital letter so you take the capital letters to spell out phrases. It's so cute. I honestly have far too much fun decoding them! 

This is going to be another tiny post because I need to get ready in like five minute's time. We're going to the theatre to see Much Ado About Nothing (Bollywood version, wahaay!) and it's going to take bloody ages. I need to get to the station for 5.10pm for a 5.29pm train to Victoria. And then it's the tube North bound on the Victoria line to Green Park and then the Piccadilly line East bound to Leicester Square. And then it's a ten minute walk, boo. I'm armed with my trusty map of the underground so it should all be fine.

Hi Taylor, when's our wedding?

Song of le day:

22 - Taylor Swift

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