Monday, 15 October 2012


Have I already mentioned my new-found love for and obsession with coffee? I used to hate it, God knows why. I really hope I'm not getting addicted to it; I don't want to be dependent on any substance at all. I have been taking it in a flask to school... I should probably stop that - it probably makes me look like an alcoholic or something, concealing my vodka mix in an opaque container. Today, I put up posters all around the sixth form centre at school, advertising for a cover girl (or boy... most likely a boy!) for the first issue of the school magazine. And that was honestly the highlight of my day.

Tomorrow is school photos day! Aghhhh! I don't know how to have my hair (tied up, loose, side parting, middle parting, fringe clipped up?!) or what to wear (jumpers, dresses, tshirt, hoody?!) or how to do my makeup (nicely.. or umm, not at all?). So, choices choices! The closeup head shots we get done will go on a student ID that we need to wear on a lanyard every day for the next two years. If mine looks horrible, I will probably cry. Then we get a huge one done for the whole of years twelve and thirteen. Everyone's heads will be about the size of a breadcrumb on that one so it doesn't really matter what every one looks like.

Today, I took off my nail varnish so my nails are NAKED for the first time in about a month and they're not even yellow, yay! Also, I banged on yesterday about my ear so here's a little blurry photo of it.

Song of the day:

All I Want - Kodaline
Ahhh, this video makes me cry. It's so beautiful.

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