Sunday, 28 October 2012

"A Girl's Guide to Getting a Guy"

This is the title of an instructional book my friend and I were going to write. I'm telling you, this method actually works. These findings are based on personal experiences. The results vary depending on how friendly the guy is and how much you have to talk about with him. Haha, this is sounding rather scientific. I'm going to DIE if anyone I know reads this. Chapter one begins like this:

The Classic Way To Begin

This method to getting a guy is practically foolproof. Unfailable. Unless, of course, you don't follow the instructions or meet the requirements below. Then, and only then, is it possibly this may not succeed.

You must:

1. Have a friend who has no inhibitions, and also who you trust.
2. Have identified the guy you wish to pursue.
3. Know at least one of his interests which you can chat about with him, without looking like a top stalker.
4. Be prepared to come off as annoying and possibly clingy girl.

(Fairly risky, as you can see.)

Well, I was going to write more but I can't in case a certain somebody sees this. Tell you what, you can just work with what there is so far. I think it's kind of self explanatory from here!... maybe?

Oooh, I also want to dye my hair and I found a naaaice colour but I have to find a dye to match now.

Song of the day:

Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

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