Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roast dinner!

We just had roast pork, yummy yummy. Again, there's nothing to write, really. We only lost football 3-0 which is pretty good against Crystal Palace, whaaay! And I had a pretty good game so that's coooool. Tomorrow, I'm going to see a Bollywood version of Much Ado About Nothing which will be rather... interesting! And I think we're getting Nando's before but I'm not sure... sorry for all these uninteresting, inane details. Umm, possibly the shortest post ever!

This actually happened to a girl in my school. We have ceilings like these in the PE changing rooms and all the chavs keep their PE kits up in the ceiling 'cause, you know... they're way too cool to actually USE their lockers. So she was in the ceiling getting her bag and there was the creaking noise and I turned around just in time to see this girl crash to the floor, bringing some ceiling tiles with her. Smooth. But I think I actually truly honestly wet myself laughing. So good.

Song of the day:

The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkel

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