Friday, 26 October 2012

Day turns to night...

Today has been such a freaking good day! To start off with, it's the last day before we get our half term holiday. I sprained my ankle at training yesterday though so I've been hobbling around everywhere. It swelled up in geography but I got an ice pack so all's good. Then my friend was telling me how they never wash these ice packs and I'd had it all over my hands and had then picked up a sandwich, yummy. Anyway! We got our essays back in history and I got another high B so I'm really happy with that and we got to go home early, bonus! And my mum gave me a lift home because I can't really walk so that was great too. 

And theeeeen, at home the school had sent a letter to my parents saying I was doing well at school and got a 1-1-1-2 on my grade gather (1-1-1-1 being the best) which is coool. My school photos have arrived too:

But the best thing of all is such a nice surprise. Our school run this programme once every two years where twenty students get to go to India and stay there for a fortnight. Whilst there, you build extra classrooms for a primary school and teach them English there and play games with them. You also get to go round and sight see and just absorb this amazing culture. They offered it to our year group and the year group below us because it's happening in the summer of 2014.  So I think about 150 people applied and for it - you had to write a letter saying why you wanted to go - and there are only twenty places. I got picked! Yayayayaya, so freaking happy about it. We have to raise £2200 though so we can afford it all. I think it's do-able though! Sososososo excited for this!

... and night turns to whatever we want, we're young enough to say...

Song of the day:

Stay Stay Stay - Taylor Swift