Saturday, 24 January 2015

January catch up

Who's a terrible blogger? Me!

Who's a terrible uni student? Me!

Who's loving life, and relishing in being lazy? Me!

I have done next to nothing for the whole of 2015, but given that we're only twenty four days in, I don't feel too bad. We got our first assignments back, which we did in November, and oh my god, as a group we did so badly. There's about 60 people on my course - not a lot of people do English language, apparently - and nobody got a first. Three people got a 2.1. Some of us got 2.2s (something I never ever ever wanted), and a lot of people got between 40% and 50%. Some people even failed. The lowest mark was 34, while the highest was 64. If you ask me, that's pretty bad. I got 55 which I was like, super unhappy with at first, but that was still higher than all of my friends. All but two people I've spoken to got a lower mark than me which is insane.

Is it the teaching? Or the course content? Or maybe we were just so wildly unprepared for this essay, and it's really shown. I know I didn't have a bloody clue what I was writing! I hope it only goes up from here because if I get less than a 2.2, I'll cry. I'm not stupid. I was a consistent A/A* student at A level in Eng lang, so why am I slogging my guts out to just get a middling 2.2 at uni? It sucks.

On le bright side, I'm going to see Jessie Ware in Manchester tomorrow which I'm so pumped for! It will be my first time in Manchester, and I'm going with my best uni gal pal so we're going to have a fabulous time! Tonight, I'm heading out for dinner with one of my housemates, but before that, I have a date with my burnout friends and Cards Against Humanity.

I've had lots of great nights out - and in - these couple of weeks since being back after Christmas, and putting photos on here is my way of being able to look back at this and think, ahh I've had a really great few months at uni.

I hope you're all feeling happy and loving life, and having lots of fun. I need to start preparing for an assessment now so wish me luck, and I hope you all have a fab weekend!

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hi, 2015

The first four days of this year haven't been too eventful. On New Year's Day, my family and I headed to the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford for a little look around, and to sample some butterbeer - not overly delicious, by the way! The little sets and props were really interesting to look at but even though I'm a huge Potterhead, it didn't really grab me. I just love the books and films so much, and seeing behind the scenes kind of just brings a sense of reality to something so magical. It was still a fun day though!

I spent a solid ten hours at my boyf's house on Friday 2nd, just chillllin and eating a lot of pizza. We also watched Shutter Island, and wow, it's such a mindfuck of a film. If you liked Inception then this is definitely something you'll love (and not just because it also happens to star the god that is Leo DiCaprio!). Go and watch it!!! I also met some of his family's friends and was introduced to them as the girlfriend which was kind of a bit weird but fun, and we drank hot winter Rekorderlig cider.

Yesterday I met up with two of my friends who I hadn't seen since September for our traditional McDonald's trip, followed by a walk around da shops. I didn't buy anything though because the reality of having verrrry little money for things like rent for my halls and for my Aldi food shops has set in. I'm going to be very poor soon and I'm dreading it.

Today, I slept in until 1.10pm (perhaps a new record for me?) and spent a few hours making dinner for my family. My parents and I then watched Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets before they went off to bed. So here I am, writing quite possibly the most mundane post to ever grace the pages of this blog. You don't have to read it, like you could potentially die of boredom. One of my oldest friends is treating me to lunch tomorrow so I'm going to just not eat until then, and then absolutely stuff myself silly. It's going to be great.