Friday, 31 August 2012


Nice, original title to this post, yes. I haven't written anything on here for aaaages because I've been in Wales. This is going to be an extra long post, brace yourselves!

To start with, results day was velly good! Is it too indulgent to post the results on here? People have been plastering their results all over facebook, it's so bloody annoying; "omg soooo chuffed, 5 B's & 3Cs & 2Ds! mums giving me £100!!!!!!!" Is it normal for people's parents to give them money? My parents didn't - apparently my good future is enough of a reward - but my ninety three year old neighbour called me and made me go round to her house. She got me a box of After Eights, love you Pam! Anyway: results. I won't bore you with individual subjects and their grades but it was B x 3, A x 5, A* x 3. It's better than I thought for some things but worse for others so yeeeep. Finito.

I went to Rosehill Funfair with my friends afterwards to "celebrate". It was okay but it was filled with fat people walking round in hot pants with their arse cheeks hanging out. Yummy. My friend Tom had people round that night so we ate pizza and played on his pogo stick - not even a euphemism! I love being a mature sixteen year old.

The next morning, I went to Wales with my family. We stayed in a lovely big village / little town called Harlech. It's a six hour drive from where we live so I slept for a lot of it. Apparently I talk in my sleep so now my whole family know who I fancy. Luv for my life. While we were in Wales, we climbed Snowdon and this other mountain with a cray cray Welsh name that I don't remember. Something like Lldysbjabv Dafydd. The Dafydd bit is right anyway. My family are like avid hikers and insist on taking a different path up Snowdon every time we do it - that's four different paths at last count. It's honestly torture. Like I said, I'm very lazy.

We also went to a Demolition Derby. This is basically old cars with Welsh people driving them round a field and they crash into each other for the amusement of hundreds of spectators. On the front of the leaflet they gave us, it said "We take no responsibility for the injury or death of any spectators". Very reassuring. I nearly actually cried and begged to go home but mama wouldn't let me. 

But the best part of the week is that we went on Segways. They are seriously the best invention ever! Honestly, I wanted to steal it and take it home so I could ride it round the streets of London. They do cost £7000 each though.. anti-bonus! Also, they make you wear overalls that make your bum look the size of Jupiter, again not good. But you should deffo do it, best £15 spent in the whooole of 2012.

Ahh, my German cousins are talking to me on facebook in the other tab. They think I'm a lot better at German than I actually am, so just holding a simple conversation requires lots of concentration. Have to go and talk German and work hard and use my brain. 


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A bucketful of excitement!

I am currently very very very excited. This is because GCSE results come out tomorrow and we've all been waiting since, like, May. You know when your excitement hits you in little waves? That's what I'm experiencing now, along with little internal spasms. It's only - right now, at this very minute - just over 13 hours until we find out, about seven of which will be spent sleeping. kkfjaod3bgodsbhnaeibh0onofn!

Also, I've been wondering whether to make this blog public? As in, put its link on my facebook and youtube pages so people I know can see it. Positives: I get more page views. That is all. The negatives could be listed for like a whole page. I'm thinking I should just keep this private. Then I'm free to talk about people who irritate me and vent it all!

I was going to write about so much more right here but I've just forgotten about it all. I think the Kardashians were a big part of it. I'm going to be watching Keeping up With the Kardashians in precisely four minutes, yay! I do realise it's like ultimate TV trash but it's just too addictive.

I love too. It's just a guilty pleasure, and, as a sixteen year old, I probably shouldn't still be playing it. Again, that's addictive and I've been on there for something like six or seven years now. Tragic. If you happen to be reading this and you have an account there, feel free to message me on kate38_x; I like to talk to internet strangers. 

Anyone who's getting their results tomorrow, good luck! Oh god, I'm just too excited fjobifhbhjasijfigjlfkhafkhdagldlg!

Monday, 20 August 2012

A recipe for iced tea!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love iced tea. Or is it ice tea? Not sure.. anyway, whether it's peach, lemon, mango, or any other flavour, I could drink a bucket of it in about thirty seconds flat. Seriously. But the massive two-litre cartons of it are cray cray expensive! Because of this, I make my own iced tea and it tastes pretty nice.

Ingredients: (to make one litre)

1 orange
1 lemon
2 Earl Grey teabags


Boil the kettle with one litre of water. Pour it into a jug with the teabags and leave to stew for about five minutes. While you let this happen, juice the orange and the lemon on one of those fruit juicer thingies to get the uhh.. juices from the.. fruit. I hope this is making sense.
Then sieve the juice of the orange and the lemon into the jug. You have to sieve it so you don't get all the seeds and pulp in the tea. No one likes bitty iced tea. Take the teabags out and chuck them away.
Next, while the tea is still hot, (so it dissolves more readily) put about four tablespoons of sugar into the jug. If you feel it needs to be sweeter (which I always do), add more! This is not an exact science.
Put the jug in the fridge and leave it to cool. Add ice cubes if you want but, be warned, it might get a bit manky once they start to melt and dilute your delicious drink. Enjoy!

Oh, if you want to experiment, you could add the juice of peaches or mangos to get a different flavour. I haven't tried it yet; let me know how it goes if you do it!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

There is a fly on my screen

I just had to brush it off. It's one of those tiny little annoying fruit flies and definitely has no purpose. My mother likes to leave the kitchen windows wide open, allowing moths and other icky insects to fly in and swarm around the light bulbs. Let's just shut the windows, mama!

It's so hot here! Baking hot, so all you can wear is shorts or a dress and it's just uncomfortable to do anything other than lie inside and read. Speaking of reading, I ordered a book the other day from Amazon and it arrived in the post - "Revived", by Cat Patrick. It's about a drug which can bring people back from the dead. The main character is a girl who has died five times, and has been Revived five times. I can't really write any more because it will all be spoilers and it truly is an amazing book - wouldn't want to ruin it, just in case you do decide to read it! It's honestly a fantastic read... five stars, I think. By that, I just mean I wouldn't have changed anything in the plot. 

Cat Patrick is a great author; she also wrote "Forgotten" which has the same super natural kind of basis as "Revived". That one's about a girl who has her memory wiped at 4.33am every day, and about how she copes with having to rebuild memories of her life each morning. That, too, is a wonderful book.

Sorry for going on about books for most of this post! I think this is probably what will happen for many many many posts I write here. Reading is just what makes me happy! Like, I don't understand why you would watch the film adaptation of a novel when you can read it. It leaves so much more to your imagination and means you can interpret it the way you want. Haha, that sounds really pretentious and wannabe-deep, but it's so true!

I think I also want to talk about nail varnish on here: my favourite one, which I happen to be wearing right now, is by NYC, shade 221 - "Spring Street". It's a kind of reddy-orangey colour and it's bright but without being neon, so it doesn't look tacky.

Not my nails, my cuticles don't look that good! I found this on google but it's almost exactly this colour.

Right, I really need the loo now so I have to stop writing. Cheerio!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Such fun! (Miranda reference)

I wasn't allowed to see Ted. I didn't have ID. The cinema lady thinks I may possibly be fourteen years old and therefore wouldn't sell me a ticket to see a 15. FML moment right there. However, my friends and I went to Ikea instead and played hide and seek. I've been wanting to do that for years so, wahaaay, one of my many life goals is completed.

The next day I went to France with my friends. First time flying without parental supervision. Oh-em-gee, never again! First of all, the boarding passes wouldn't scan so we had to queue up at the BA desk for new ones. Then, my intelligent friend revealed she had many many many liquids in her hand luggage which could not be thrown away. This meant we had to check in her mini suitcase and pass through security for a second time. And then, more liquids were found in my other friend's bag (am I the only organised one here?) which needed to be dealt with. Just as we thought we were through, oh yes, we discovered her boarding pass had mysteriously disappeared, only to turn up fifteen minutes later stuck onto a luggage tray. Love my life.

Thankfully, everything else went without a hitch - unless you count my spitting out peach ice tea all over my white tshirt and a sixty year old man on the plane as a hitch - and we arrived at Bordeaux airport. The next eight days consisted of swimming in the "poulle", shopping, tanning, walking, eating, and riding horses. I hate animals but I loved my horse. Daddy, I want a pony. Seriously.

Overall, a good week was had by all. Plus, I discovered the delights of and the legend that is Miranda Hart. We got through both series of her show and now I have a major girl crush on her (as well as Emma Stone, Jessica Ennis, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian, Fearne Cotton - congrats on your pregnancy, Fearney - and Hilary Swank). I now get kicks out of quoting Miranda at every available opportunity and counting down the hours until the episodes are released on the iPlayer - currently, it is 52 hours.

Love you, Miranda!

Oooh, and an added bonus is that Taylor Swift's new album, Red, will be mine on the 22nd of October later this year and that her latest song was released today. It's called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and I don't actually like it much but it will probably grow on me.

Anyway, toodle pip!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hello world!

Hi, my name's Kate and I'm sixteen years old. I live in London which, right now, isn't the best thing because the Olympics are screwing up public transport and every where is super busy.

I'm really bored today so I decided I should make a blog. Realistically, I will have probably two people looking at this over the next three years but I thought it would be a fun thing to do. Plus, I can look back at this when I'm twenty four or something and laugh at how cringey I was.

Today, I went to McDonald's with my friend Ben and had a Chicken Mayo and large chips - sorry, "fries"! That was about as exciting as it got. I also went for an early morning jog in the torrential rain with my friend from my football team so we can get fit for the season. I'm probably the most unfit and lazy person you will ever meet. Seriously.

Tonight, I plan to watch some Olympic athletics and Big Brother. And possibly Thelma's Gypsy Girls. I luuurve trashy television. Oh, and I just remembered I have some Ben and Jerry's in the freezer - Phish Food, I think - so I can have a great time consuming 5000 calories worth of that while lying in front on the TV. 

Tomorrow I'm going to see that film Ted at the cinema. It's the one with the bear and it looks crap but my friends chose it and I haven't seen them in nine whole days so I think it's time to catch up. We're also going to play pool (which I can't play) and get the tram home (which I've never been on). Should be interesting.