Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A bucketful of excitement!

I am currently very very very excited. This is because GCSE results come out tomorrow and we've all been waiting since, like, May. You know when your excitement hits you in little waves? That's what I'm experiencing now, along with little internal spasms. It's only - right now, at this very minute - just over 13 hours until we find out, about seven of which will be spent sleeping. kkfjaod3bgodsbhnaeibh0onofn!

Also, I've been wondering whether to make this blog public? As in, put its link on my facebook and youtube pages so people I know can see it. Positives: I get more page views. That is all. The negatives could be listed for like a whole page. I'm thinking I should just keep this private. Then I'm free to talk about people who irritate me and vent it all!

I was going to write about so much more right here but I've just forgotten about it all. I think the Kardashians were a big part of it. I'm going to be watching Keeping up With the Kardashians in precisely four minutes, yay! I do realise it's like ultimate TV trash but it's just too addictive.

I love too. It's just a guilty pleasure, and, as a sixteen year old, I probably shouldn't still be playing it. Again, that's addictive and I've been on there for something like six or seven years now. Tragic. If you happen to be reading this and you have an account there, feel free to message me on kate38_x; I like to talk to internet strangers. 

Anyone who's getting their results tomorrow, good luck! Oh god, I'm just too excited fjobifhbhjasijfigjlfkhafkhdagldlg!

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