Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Such fun! (Miranda reference)

I wasn't allowed to see Ted. I didn't have ID. The cinema lady thinks I may possibly be fourteen years old and therefore wouldn't sell me a ticket to see a 15. FML moment right there. However, my friends and I went to Ikea instead and played hide and seek. I've been wanting to do that for years so, wahaaay, one of my many life goals is completed.

The next day I went to France with my friends. First time flying without parental supervision. Oh-em-gee, never again! First of all, the boarding passes wouldn't scan so we had to queue up at the BA desk for new ones. Then, my intelligent friend revealed she had many many many liquids in her hand luggage which could not be thrown away. This meant we had to check in her mini suitcase and pass through security for a second time. And then, more liquids were found in my other friend's bag (am I the only organised one here?) which needed to be dealt with. Just as we thought we were through, oh yes, we discovered her boarding pass had mysteriously disappeared, only to turn up fifteen minutes later stuck onto a luggage tray. Love my life.

Thankfully, everything else went without a hitch - unless you count my spitting out peach ice tea all over my white tshirt and a sixty year old man on the plane as a hitch - and we arrived at Bordeaux airport. The next eight days consisted of swimming in the "poulle", shopping, tanning, walking, eating, and riding horses. I hate animals but I loved my horse. Daddy, I want a pony. Seriously.

Overall, a good week was had by all. Plus, I discovered the delights of and the legend that is Miranda Hart. We got through both series of her show and now I have a major girl crush on her (as well as Emma Stone, Jessica Ennis, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Khloe Kardashian, Fearne Cotton - congrats on your pregnancy, Fearney - and Hilary Swank). I now get kicks out of quoting Miranda at every available opportunity and counting down the hours until the episodes are released on the iPlayer - currently, it is 52 hours.

Love you, Miranda!

Oooh, and an added bonus is that Taylor Swift's new album, Red, will be mine on the 22nd of October later this year and that her latest song was released today. It's called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and I don't actually like it much but it will probably grow on me.

Anyway, toodle pip!

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