Sunday, 19 August 2012

There is a fly on my screen

I just had to brush it off. It's one of those tiny little annoying fruit flies and definitely has no purpose. My mother likes to leave the kitchen windows wide open, allowing moths and other icky insects to fly in and swarm around the light bulbs. Let's just shut the windows, mama!

It's so hot here! Baking hot, so all you can wear is shorts or a dress and it's just uncomfortable to do anything other than lie inside and read. Speaking of reading, I ordered a book the other day from Amazon and it arrived in the post - "Revived", by Cat Patrick. It's about a drug which can bring people back from the dead. The main character is a girl who has died five times, and has been Revived five times. I can't really write any more because it will all be spoilers and it truly is an amazing book - wouldn't want to ruin it, just in case you do decide to read it! It's honestly a fantastic read... five stars, I think. By that, I just mean I wouldn't have changed anything in the plot. 

Cat Patrick is a great author; she also wrote "Forgotten" which has the same super natural kind of basis as "Revived". That one's about a girl who has her memory wiped at 4.33am every day, and about how she copes with having to rebuild memories of her life each morning. That, too, is a wonderful book.

Sorry for going on about books for most of this post! I think this is probably what will happen for many many many posts I write here. Reading is just what makes me happy! Like, I don't understand why you would watch the film adaptation of a novel when you can read it. It leaves so much more to your imagination and means you can interpret it the way you want. Haha, that sounds really pretentious and wannabe-deep, but it's so true!

I think I also want to talk about nail varnish on here: my favourite one, which I happen to be wearing right now, is by NYC, shade 221 - "Spring Street". It's a kind of reddy-orangey colour and it's bright but without being neon, so it doesn't look tacky.

Not my nails, my cuticles don't look that good! I found this on google but it's almost exactly this colour.

Right, I really need the loo now so I have to stop writing. Cheerio!


  1. Okay so I desperately want to come round and steal all your books! I'm am SUCH a book nerd but I have barely any books because I'm poor and I used to just borrow them all from the school library which I miss so much right now!
    Kimmy x

    1. What about your college library? Our school library has about two good books in it so I use the town one sometimes :)