Friday, 31 August 2012


Nice, original title to this post, yes. I haven't written anything on here for aaaages because I've been in Wales. This is going to be an extra long post, brace yourselves!

To start with, results day was velly good! Is it too indulgent to post the results on here? People have been plastering their results all over facebook, it's so bloody annoying; "omg soooo chuffed, 5 B's & 3Cs & 2Ds! mums giving me £100!!!!!!!" Is it normal for people's parents to give them money? My parents didn't - apparently my good future is enough of a reward - but my ninety three year old neighbour called me and made me go round to her house. She got me a box of After Eights, love you Pam! Anyway: results. I won't bore you with individual subjects and their grades but it was B x 3, A x 5, A* x 3. It's better than I thought for some things but worse for others so yeeeep. Finito.

I went to Rosehill Funfair with my friends afterwards to "celebrate". It was okay but it was filled with fat people walking round in hot pants with their arse cheeks hanging out. Yummy. My friend Tom had people round that night so we ate pizza and played on his pogo stick - not even a euphemism! I love being a mature sixteen year old.

The next morning, I went to Wales with my family. We stayed in a lovely big village / little town called Harlech. It's a six hour drive from where we live so I slept for a lot of it. Apparently I talk in my sleep so now my whole family know who I fancy. Luv for my life. While we were in Wales, we climbed Snowdon and this other mountain with a cray cray Welsh name that I don't remember. Something like Lldysbjabv Dafydd. The Dafydd bit is right anyway. My family are like avid hikers and insist on taking a different path up Snowdon every time we do it - that's four different paths at last count. It's honestly torture. Like I said, I'm very lazy.

We also went to a Demolition Derby. This is basically old cars with Welsh people driving them round a field and they crash into each other for the amusement of hundreds of spectators. On the front of the leaflet they gave us, it said "We take no responsibility for the injury or death of any spectators". Very reassuring. I nearly actually cried and begged to go home but mama wouldn't let me. 

But the best part of the week is that we went on Segways. They are seriously the best invention ever! Honestly, I wanted to steal it and take it home so I could ride it round the streets of London. They do cost £7000 each though.. anti-bonus! Also, they make you wear overalls that make your bum look the size of Jupiter, again not good. But you should deffo do it, best £15 spent in the whooole of 2012.

Ahh, my German cousins are talking to me on facebook in the other tab. They think I'm a lot better at German than I actually am, so just holding a simple conversation requires lots of concentration. Have to go and talk German and work hard and use my brain. 


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