Saturday, 6 September 2014

Floral puffer jacket

I am partially embarrassed and partially proud to say that last week, I bought my first puffer jacket since I was five years old. That one was a lilac satin-like material (mmm, classy) but this one is a granny style flowery number. Oh, how I've grown up.

What do you think? When I saw it in TK Maxx, I was kind of like "wow, what a horrifically ugly jacket... but I kind of love it". It caught my eye immediately and I didn't want to leave the shop without it. Besides the very ostentatious print, it's actually stuffed with duck feathers so it's super warm. I think it's a really great investment because Etage are a really well known outerwear brand in Scandinavia - they have such a great reputation because their down coats are so warm and of such high quality.

I'm really looking forward to it properly becoming winter now so I can don this and blind people with bright flowery goodness!

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  1. I actually kind of have a secret love for 'old lady' clothes- most of my dresses look like curtains or carpets... Anyway! I have a puffer jacket when I was about 8 and it was tangerine in colour- like BRIGHT BOLD ORANGE and was preeeetty much one big ball of Puff.

    I looked like an orange...