Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Preppin it up

I'm not sure if this outfit qualifies as "preppy" but it's a cute word and I think this kind of stripy pattern is kind of dominated by prepsters? Correct me if I'm wrong!

Again, let's please ignore the mess on my floor and my grumpy face. This is my first pair of high waisted jeans and it's the first pair of jeans that I love 100%. They're the Jamies from Topshop and I'm pretty sure like 8 out of 10 girls own them, but they're so comfy and wearable and lovely. And high waisted stuff is SO much more flattering than anything else!

I've been wearing this little stripy-and-jeans combo a lot recently and I always wear these shoes with it:

£3 at Primark, what a bargain! I'd love to say they're comfy as well as super cute but I've been getting killer blisters from them. Hopefully I can break them in a bit soon! Get yourselves down to Primark asap because they have some really nice things in right now and I believe there's a sale on. Happy shopping

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