Sunday, 21 September 2014

The week of love

This week has been a busy one. It's also been a really sad one because I've had to say goodbye to a lot of people as they head off to uni. I'm actually kind of thankful that I'm the last of my friends to be leaving because, while I'm feeling a bit lonely now, I'll be absolutely desperate to go by next weekend. I'm not feeling too pumped about leaving home at this current moment but a week by myself is sure to fix that.

On Monday I went to frequently-mentioned friendy boyf's house to finish watching the second series of Utopia. We ordered pizza afterwards and spent the afternoon vegging out on his sofa. I also watched Stardust with him which I'd never seen before. For a kids' film, it's actually really really good. I do love a bit of Clare Danes! In the evening, he and I went to the pub before meeting some of our friends and going to our local nightclub for one last adventure. (I know I look like I'm pimping in this photo - cringe - but I actually only know two people there!) On the way home I got my first doner kebab which was delicious! The air was all foggy and misty, and it was eerily quiet on the walk back but I really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday, my mum woke me up at the ungodly hour of 1pm (after only 9 hours' sleep!) and we went shopping to pick up the last bits and pieces for uni like coat hangers and door stops and laundry bins. I might do a post on everything I've got later but just looking at it stresses me out a bit. It's all quite overwhelming!

Wednesday was definitely my favourite day of the week. Friend boyf and I headed up to central London for our last day "out" together. I had my outfit planned but just before I was going to leave to get to his house, he texted to say he had some surprises lined up (umm, not a fan of surprises!) and to dress dressy. I literally own nothing even slightly formal so I settled for this with the trusty Doc Martens (100% not dressy):

Our first stop was Pitt Cue in Soho where we had pulled pork burgers. We've been meaning to go there for about a year now, so when better than on our last pre-uni day out together? We hopped on the tube afterwards and went to The Camden Head in Islington for their stand up night - surprise number one. It was the first time I've been to any kind of comedy show and I loved it! They've had people like Dara O'Briain and Simon Amstell there; definitely go and check it out if you can. We had some time to kill before surprise number two so we went over to South Bank which is where we had our first ever London date, ahh sentimental. There's something really lovely about sitting by the river and watching the lights on the water.

Surprise number two was scheduled for 12.15am. I hate surprises and being left in the dark so he told me it was a late night cafe. He lied. It was the Duck and Waffle. Oh my god. I heard about that place a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked amazing but I don't think I actually told him, it was just a fab coincidence that he booked it! Of course, I had to have the duck and waffle dish - 100% recommend, by the way. The restaurant is on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and the walls are made entirely of glass. The view was absolutely amazing, looking out at the city lights and the descending mist. Afterwards, friendy boyf, me and my food baby ran into a very friendly homeless man who showed us the way to our bus stop. Even though he and I are both London born and raised, we managed to miss our bus stop in Streatham and had to walk about half an hour back up to the right one, only to find we'd missed our other bus too. Oh late night adventures! We managed to make it back home at close to 5am.

Thursday morning began with a text from a friend, a mere two hours after I'd crawled into bed from my crayzeee night of getting lost, begging me to go to the sexual health clinic with her so she could get the morning after pill. Something about dodgy condoms and a well endowed boyfriend (who has social anxiety and incidentally couldn't go to the clinic with her) meant that I had to forgo my lie in for a two hour visit to the clinic with a nice nurse named Mary. We swung by Tescos to pick up some Daim chocolate to revive me, before picking up her boyfriend and then dropping me and the chocolate back at my house. Wew, what a morning.

On Friday, my grandma and uncle came down from Birmingham to stay for the weekend. Friday afternoon consisted of listening to my grandma tell me how much harder than me she's had it and how supposedly easy my life is. Whatevz. I really don't like that some members of the older generations feel that it's okay to be rude to younger people for no reason other than that they are "older and wiser". In the evening, I went to a farewell house party for all of us going to uni. It was really sad knowing that I might not see some of those people again, or at least for a very long time. I also had to say goodbye to the friend boyf who was heading off to Cardiff for uni just seven hours after the party ended. He's actually gone from "a guy I'm kind of seeing" to um, boyfriend status, and we're doing the whole long distance relationship shebang while we're at uni. (He looks a bit more normal than this usually, it's just one of the better photos of me! #Sacrifices)

Saturday morning kicked off with a parkrun in Dartford, followed by a Big Mac breakfast with my dad, brother and grandma. I followed this up with a three hour nap at home because I've been feeling so sleep-deprived lately and woke up in time for a glorious dinner of Stilton stuffed pears and chicken curry. Thinking about it still makes my tummy rumble. I hopped into bed at midnight after more long chats with my grandma about the old days and her upbringing on a farm.

This brings us up to today. My parents, brother and I went to Pets at Home this morning and we are now the proud owners of two guinea pigs, Meep and Noonoo. (Blame my mum and brother for the awful names; I would have chosen Sharon and Linda.) The guinea pigs are currently getting used to their new home and we're not allowed to handle them for 24 hours because they apparently need to feel safe before we do so. I'm currently waiting for it to be dinner time because I am so ready to eat that leftover chicken curry.

I've called this post "the week of love" because these past few days have been so full of love. Love for my family. A new found love for pets (I'm not an animal person at all). Love for my friends, and love for my er, boyfriend. It's still so weird calling him that. This week was the first time I've ever said the L word to someone who's not one of my best friends and who's not my family. That's kind of a big deal. My love for my home and for London has also grown this week, but maybe in a couple of weeks I'll be blogging about my love for my little student house and for Chester. Who knows.

Have a wonderful week! xo


  1. What a lovely week recap! You were busy :-) Loved all the pics, too, you're a cutie.

  2. Sounds lovely, the food you had sounds great too! :D I'm your newest follower lovely, please check out my blog if you can;


  3. Sounds great! And congratulations! I'm in a long distance too so I know exactly how you'll be feeling!