Saturday, 16 September 2017

Life Update

I've very much neglected this blog over the past couple of years, but I'm at a point in my life now where things are changing and I want to write a little update - not for the three people who still read my posts - but for me, so I can flick back through my blog fondly (as I sometimes do) and feel pleased that I documented it.

Firstly, I got dumped. This happened recently (like twelve days ago kind of recently) but I actually feel really okay about it. He and I had been seeing each other since 2013 sort of on and off, and then had two and a half years where we were together properly, travelling hundreds of miles to visit each other at uni, and being very in love. But not everything lasts forever, and one minute he was telling me that he's never been happier with someone, and then three weeks later was calling me after he'd gone back to uni to tell me it wasn't working. Obviously, I was a bit gutted but that lasted for about twenty four hours before I pulled myself together and I've been fine since. To be honest, I've barely thought about him which leads me to believe that I hadn't been in love with him for quite some time. I think we were comfortable and enjoyed each other's company, but sometimes that's not enough so perhaps this dumping is actually a blessing in disguise.

Another positive thing that has happened lately is that I FOUND A GRADUATE JOB (!!!!!). Last Friday, I emailed a local(ish) company that a friend of a friend works for, asking if they had any jobs going - despite there being no vacancies on the website and me having no experience whatsoever - and at 6.30am on Monday morning, I received an email inviting me for an interview. Said interview was being held the following morning. I barely had any time to go on the (not very informative) website to do a bit of research about the company before I went along to meet the director on Tuesday at 10am. Basically, I know hardly anything about the industry but I took note of a couple of clients (MTV being one, and New Look another!) which he was suitably impressed with (I hope), and I was offered the job there and then. Apparently, I "interview very well" which just means that I smile and say "oh really?" a lot when being told Important And Interesting Information. The salary is terrible but I'm hoping I can negotiate that soon. So, as of the third of October, I will be working in the utility contracting industry, for a company who deals with Harrods' utilities, amongst other organisations.

All of this means that I'll be leaving my job at McDonald's in two weeks, which I'm absolutely gutted about. I've been there for over four years, love the people that I work with, love the hours, the work, and training newbies. I've been there so long that I know everything about procedures, how to make every menu item, how to fix machines, how to deal with angry people, and how many milks the old lady likes in her tea every morning. I think I'll miss the regular customers almost as much as the job itself. I'm a bit scared about moving from a workplace where people come to me for help, to one where I'm totally untrained with no expertise whatsoever. I didn't, however, go to uni for three years and rack up forty grand of debt to flip burgers and make coffees for the rest of my life, so the transition is necessary. And I'll be making this transition as a single lady who's 2.5 stone lighter that she was last year, and a bloody lot happier than she's ever been.

I'd say life's pretty sweet right now.

Monday, 26 June 2017


I've finished uni.

I'm not officially a graduate yet because, for some ridiculous reason, the University of Chester holds the actual ceremony in November - but I am what's called a "graduand", apparently. I now have a 2.1 degree in English Language which I'm happy with. A first would have been fabulous but I definitely haven't worked hard enough to get one of those. My main aim now is to find a graduate job but I'm feeling quite lazy at the moment and I'd love to enjoy my last summer as a kind of non-adult without the pressure of real adult work.

I got back from a holiday to Bulgaria with my uni friends last Monday. We went for a week to celebrate finishing our degrees and, although I wasn't massively looking forward to it before we went, I had the best time ever and I'm experiencing major holiday blues right now. We had beautiful weather, went in the pool every day, and ate stupid amounts due to being on an all-inclusive scheme. I put on HALF A STONE while we were out there but most of it's dropped off now, thank god, because I've been eating sensible amounts again and running 20 miles in the past week.

I go back to work in a week at my job at McDonald's. They pay a pretty decent amount - more than bar work, or retail work - the people are lovely, and I'm good at it. I'm kind of looking forward to having an actual purpose again because right now I'm bumming around at home and feeling very bored. I don't think I could ever be long term unemployed. It's just soul-destroying.

I'm off to make a sandwich now but I'll leave you with a photo of me from last week, loving life on my inflatable flamingo.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

APRIL 2016

I had my first exam of the year today and I think it went okay! Not great, not the best ever, but sound, decent! I just realised I haven't posted since the last day of my 19th year. I'm now 20 which is super old and I still feel like I'm about fourteen. I've had a pretty good past couple of weeks, even though I was revising like mad this whole week. I didn't even leave the house except for a couple of runs (more about that later!) but it was okay because the module I was revising for was interesting. It's the roots and development of English, and all the history bits like the colonisation of America, but also things like how the speech of London is diverging in its own way from the rest of the country. It's great. I'm actually going to miss it!

I thought I'd upload a few photos from the recent weeks because I do love a good photo on a blog. I got lots of lovely birthday presents from my friends and parents, including a cute cushion, a really funky tealight holder, and some beautiful notebooks. There was also a selection of Lush bath bombs, a double-clip-together goose feather duvet from my boyf, some sweet little ornaments and lots of alcohol that didn't quite make it to the photos.

I bought some lovely Barry M polishes today because they've recently put out a huge new range of colours. I treated myself to Laguna which is the light blue shade in the photo, and Dark Side of the Shroom (that did make me laugh) which is a... shroomy colour! I've also posted a photo of my favourite ever lipstick which is Rimmel's Rossetto by Kate Moss. I actually found this one in March 2013 (so long ago!) but they renumbered it from 19 to 08 so I thought they'd stopped making it. I was looking for something similar when I used it all up, and I love the way Rimmel feels on my lips, which is how I stumbled across it again. I'm so happy! It's actually a lot less pinky than it looks in the photo - much more of a nude-ish shade in person.

I'm trying to get more healthy and lose a bit of weight because since starting to take the pill, I've put on a stone and a half - all within the space of two months! One year on, the weight is not shifting so I'm changing up my diet dramatically and getting out running. I used to race competitively for my borough and in the London Mini Marathon and stuff, so it sort of feels natural to be getting back into it. I'm really enjoying being more active! I'm also calorie counting because things were getting a bit out of control. I'm shopping a lot more carefully too. Who knew rice cakes were such good, low fat snacks?!

I've shared some photos from my birthday night out too. I had such a great time. Predrinks was so fun and, to be honest, I could have stayed in all night getting absolutely wrecked. But town called and I came running! The main perk of going out on your birthday in Chester is absolutely having free entry to all the bars and clubs. I spent literally £2 that whole night and it was on my chips for the way home. Amazing.

I've also really been embracing Chester's beauty recently, mainly with lots of walks around the historic walls, down the river, and through the outskirts in the countryside. It's so lovely. South London obviously has its benefits but there's just something about being five minutes' walk away from fields full of cows and horses. I love it.

The last photo is mainly just for me to ogle over while I'm on my diet-type-thing and eating healthier (or at least trying to!). My boyfriend is an amazing cook and just before we went back to uni, he whipped this up in literally five minutes. Egg and bacon is one of my favourite combinations anyway and teamed with a toasted hot cross bun, it's heaven. The raisins were actually a beaut little addition to an otherwise normal breakfast.

I feel like posts like these are so self-indulgent and I've just realised I started nearly every paragraph with "I". Shoutout to my two readers from the UK, love you lol. I'm so happy that nobody I know in real life knows about this blog. I feel like keeping it a lil secret for nearing on four years is quite an achievement! So many people I know are starting blogs or YouTube now and are asking people to go and check them out and I think it's pretty brave. Like, you're putting yourself out there in a way that you probably don't in real life. I know I don't. But I kind of like having this all to myself. To whoever happens to be reading this (unlikely to be anyone!), I hope you're well and happy!

I'll leave you with my absolute favourite brand new totally amazing band, HONNE:

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


It feels so strange to be sitting down to write a blog post again after nearly four months of silence here, especially as I used to post around 15 times a month. These last four months have gone by in a flash and nothing seems to be slowing down. I blink and the day's over. I blink twice and another week has whizzed past. I've been insanely busy for these first four months of 2016. I've handed in seven assignments for uni (only one left for this year!), had three presentations (which I absolutely loathed), and spent lots of time with my lovely friends, my even lovelier boyfriend, and my fabulous family.

I started this blog in 2012 when I was 16. Life was great - still is - but I think I felt like there was this kind of void to fill. Almost like the life I was living didn't match up to the life I wanted and pictured in my head. Don't get me wrong, I was really happy, but there was this part of me that sort of felt incomplete. Does this sound really lame? Maybe. Writing lots and posting fun photos and interacting with other bloggers filled that hole and everything was fantastic. But a time came a year or two ago when I found that not blogging for a week didn't feel that weird at all. Like, I didn't feel compelled to sit down and bash out 1000 words about how I was feeling anymore.

So I stopped. Things especially dwindled once I moved to uni. That was also the time my boyfriend and I got more serious, so I was focusing on him and all my new pals and staying in touch with my family and friends from back home that blogging took a back seat. And I didn't really miss it at all.

This blog has never been a fashion or beauty focused blog, but that's what most people are interested in reading so that's what I used to try and write about. But it's not really me. You know, I was reading back over some old blog posts here last week and the one I enjoyed the most was my summary of Summer 2014. That was such a good time and I'm so glad I sat down here and took the time to write about it. Likewise, I posted about my first two weeks at uni and I found them so fun to read back on. I love documenting my life because I love looking back on it and remembering the person I was. It's not that I would say I've particularly changed, but I like reading about what 16 year old me thought about everything.

So I suppose this is kind of a pledge to myself to start blogging again. Not for page views (which I used to be obsessed with) or comments or follows (likewise) but for me. This is my little spot on the internet (cheesy line, I know) and it houses so much of my thoughts and personality from the past almost 4 years that it would be such a waste, such a shame, to give it up now.

It's my 20th birthday tomorrow so I'm writing this now on my last day of being a teenager. My teens have been incredible so I'm hoping to do a little summary post (my favourites to read back!) later.

Over and out xo.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas 2015

I think this is the longest period of time I've gone without blogging since I started this all in August 2012. I've been really busy with a ton of uni work, lots of job-work, volunteering, seeing my friends, family and boyfriend, and just general merriment. So busy, in fact, that I totally forgot to blog.

I've been at home from uni since Friday 18th December and I've just spent all my time enjoying beautiful South London. I also worked a couple of shifts at my old McDonald's for $$$ but generally I've been relaxing and taking a break from all the stress at uni. I miss my housemates though - mainly watching TV with them for six hours a day every day (it's our way of winding down, okay?!), but it's so nice to have my mum's homecooked food and to go on runs with my dad.

We went up to my grandma's on Christmas Eve up until today to spend Christmas there, as we have done every single year of my life. We had a lovely time, ate lots of lovely food, and gave/ received lots of lovely presents. Not to sound too shallow or anything, but I think this is probably one of the best present hauls of my life, so obviously I'm very grateful. I feel like this is the only place I'm going to post about presents because I just think posting photos on actual social media is a bit... tacky? I'm not really feeling that.

(There was also a lot of chocolate - like a shit ton - but I, um, ate it. All.)

I think this is my first proper watch ever, like a proper adult one. I wanted something simple but cute and I thought black was a bit boring so navy seemed like a good bet. I just love it.

I love druzy stone jewellery so when my uncle showed me these beautiful earrings on Etsy I fell in love. They're just so perfect!

I think my favourite present is potentially this dressing gown. I can't believe at the ripe old age of 19 that my favourite present is a bloody dressing gown. A beautiful one though. It's so cosy and I love the tartan print. It has pockets and a hood and a soft snuggly inside. It's from the men's section at M&S if you want to go and grab yourself one. You won't regret it, I promise.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, ate lots of delicious food, and spent time with your lovely families. I'll try to write a 2015 review post but it's highly likely that I'll forget or just will be too lazy. We'll see!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Why I'm proud to work for McDonald's

I work at McDonald's. I've never been embarrassed about that. I started working at a branch in South London when I was 17 years old and still in sixth form. I worked 16 hours at the weekends and squeezed all my A level work in during the week. I made great friends at that job and looked forward to my shifts there. I remember getting really angry when one of my "friends" (but really she was just a girl in our friendship group who I didn't get on with) said, "my dad wants to know what your parents think of you working at McDonald's". And my response was something like "well they're proud that I actually have a job and that I'm earning my own money". I was the only person in our group of friends who had a job - a group of friends made up of ten people. I was livid that she was getting all snooty about me working at the world's biggest fast food chain when she was still living off her parents.

I'm 19 now and McDonald's is still the only job I've ever had. When I moved up to Chester last year for university, I landed a job at the biggest McDonald's in town within a week. While at the South London branch I'd been a "customer care assistant" which basically meant chatting to customers and wiping down tables, in Chester I worked in the kitchens. I learnt how to make every single item of food on the menu, and how to make it quickly and to a high standard. I've recently been made a "customer care assistant" again so I'm getting to know the regular customers in Chester's McDonald's, while sweeping the floor a bit and filling up the ketchup pumps. 

I've been with the company for two years now and so I've had a number of pay rises. McDonald's really do treat their staff well. I've never been denied a day off and I'm on the same pay as Waitrose staff now. Why would I ever want to leave this glorious company? I can request shifts whenever I want, or swap scheduled shifts for a more convenient time. It's so easy to fit it all in around my uni work and lectures, or for when I want to go back home to London for the whole summer. It's just so chilled.

You learn so much working at McDonald's. I don't know any other job where you're trained to work on tills, gain valuable transferrable customer service skills, use industrial vat fryers and grills, stock items, trained to use industrial strength cleaning products and which chemicals to mix with which others, how to get a toilet looking sparkling clean in 30 seconds, take orders like a waitress and bring food over like a waitress (all with no tips!), and so so so much more. 

People who've worked in both fast food and in shops say that working in McDonald's uses a much greater range of skills than other jobs in retail. It's such a fast paced, high intensity environment to work in but it's also so rewarding. I wish that McDonald's workers didn't have a reputation as being stupid and worthless because we're not. A lot of us are students, working to buy textbooks and our weekly food shops, while some are parents who need money to pay rent and provide for their children. It's a job, and a fairly decent one at that. Don't knock it.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

A fortnight in photos

I've been feeling like this blog has been starved of photos to accompany the posts lately so I had a little look through my phone's album to see what I wanted to stick on here. All of these posts kind of range from late September to early October - the time when I was packing everything up at home to move back to uni for second year. 

22nd September. I saw Jess on this day. We went to Camden for a spot of shopping and a trip to Honest for lunch. We also went to Selfridges on Oxford Street and had a wander around Liberty's. I bought this really cute dress in Traid, Camden for something like £13. It fits so nicely and I love the crushed velvet look (even if I am about four years too late there).

22nd September. A close up of aforementioned velvet dress.

23rd September. This was the day I went to a cute cafe for lunch with my friends Lola and Will. I sent them a quick OOTD picture with the caption "yay or nay?" because I wasn't 100% sure about this outfit. I love it now.

23rd September. I bought these really pretty earrings in Claire's with Lola and Will once we'd finished lunch. They're part Swarovski crystal which is pretty cool and I've been loving wearing them.

23rd September. A close up of the beautiful earrings.

25th September. The day before I left for uni, my mum and I went for afternoon tea at the Ebb and Flow cafe that's just opened in our town. It was only a tenner per person and was absolutely delicious. It was also a really nice way to say goodbye to my mama. 

30th September. (Well, the night of 29th September.) This was a really fun night out. It was a Tuesday night which is gay night in Chester. It's always a lot of fun on Tuesdays; the music is fabulously cheesy, the drag queen DJ is amazing, and there's always facepainting! For reasons unknown to me, I asked for a glittery rat, and a glittery rat is what I got. 

1st October. The floors in our house aren't sparkling clean because it's a student house lived in by hundreds of students before us, and there's a special kind of student dirt on the floors which can never seem to be scrubbed away. For this reason, my housemates and I decided to invest in some slippers from Primark. They're so cute and I kind of want to go back and buy every single colour there.

2nd October. I had fajitas the night before this for dinner, and so the next day with the leftovers I made fajita chicken and cheese toasties. It was delicious.

5th October. This masterpiece is entirely mine. No one else's pen ever touched any part of it which I'm so proud of. We coloured in three of these patterns and put them all the wall going upstairs to give the house a touch of cute.

5th October. Here's a little action shot of the process. (PS. days is not an exaggeration, these things take forever.)

5th October. The finished product.

7th October. This was the day I changed my sheets and put on my really cute duvet set. I bought this from eBay for about £15 and I absolutely love it.

8th October. This is what the majority of my day looks like, every day. The table is disgusting and the TV is tiny but I'm wearing my cute pyjamas and slippers so it can kind of be forgotten.