Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mid-May catchup

How have I not blogged in nearly a month? I am terrible. I haven't really been up to much lately. I've just been very very very lazy. My boyfriend came to stay for a few nights last week which was nice and we had a gr8 time Snapchatting people photos of us in matching tshirts.

I also made him asked him to cook for me and he whipped up a fabulous spaghetti carbonara. I am a firm believer in the idea that if you're a shit cook (like me) you should find someone who's a great cook so you don't starve.

I handed in my final assessment of the academic year today which is exciting. I've slaved over nine assignments since November and I'm proud to say I've actually managed to get a first (78%???!!!) for my best one. I cried real tears of joy. In between doing essays and projects and recording people's voices and analysing their use of TH sounds (like if they say it as F, bla bla bla) I've been hitting da cluuubs a lot. Finding outfits to wear for a night out is so hard because I don't want to look too casj but it's tragic if you look too dressy.

Last night, I wore this:

I picked up the top from Primark a couple of days ago for £4 and to not look like a total slut, I also grabbed a black bandeau. I think the lacy pattern is really pretty and looks cuuute with high waisted jeans!

I bought some sandals too - my first pair since I was about nine years old. They're kind of old lady-ish, but kind of cute and I really like them. They've got a chunky sole and a little bit of a heel, so they look a bit dressy and therefore are good club shooz. The only disadvantage is that I had drink poured in them about six times last night.

Before makeup.

 Post makeup, before hair and jewellery.

I don't like wearing a ton of slap when I go out because I feel like I'll just sweat it all off when I dance anyway. And sweaty makeup feels really cakey and stiff you know, so it's better for me to just dab on a bit of concealer and be on my way.

Hope you're all having a bangin May!