My name's Kate and I'm 21 years old. I'm from South London and have just moved back in with my parents after studying English Language for 3 years at the University of Chester. I managed (somehow!) to find a graduate job which I started in October last year at an energy and sustainability consultancy. I actually love working in an office where everyone is a bit silly, even if it means not a lot of work gets done. As well as processing utility invoices and helping clients with gas and electricity queries (boring), I've started writing for the company website and working alongside the marketing team (fun), meaning that I actually get to put my degree to good use.

Outside of my 8am-5pm working hours, I love running. I get out 5 times every week and average about 110 miles a month. I ran the Chester Half Marathon in 2017 and finished in 01.58.02 which I was absolutely chuffed with. My 5k PB is 23.03 which I'm always looking to improve, and I'm currently working on 10k training because I'd love to improve my 47.57 PB for that! Running is also a fab way to eat what I want without feeling bad about it. I used to be a bit of a chunky monkey (12st, 8lb; size 16) but I've lost 2.5 stone to end up at a size 10. Having that much less on me to carry around also makes running a lot easier, and shopping a lot more fun.

I love treating the world to my crap singing, eating out and drinking with my friends, watching Black Mirror, making lists, and hanging out with my parents. I've taken a massive break from blogging due to a total lack of motivation but now I'm trying to get back into it because I love documenting everything that goes on. Drop me a message if you fancy a chat - Twitter & Instagram: @kategreen38.

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