Sunday, 30 September 2012

Late September, part 2

Velcome back. I decided to make this into two posts because it would be ridiculously long if I didn't. To continue: I went to my friend's party on Saturday night which was really fun. I wore my soft ankle boots which are so amazingly comfy, my £2 charity shop skirt, and my new teal jumper. Some girls came in heels and bodycon dresses but a lot of people went casual like me so it was all okay. A good night was had by all - except for the guy who threw up on the living room carpet, or my friend who had his tshirt vommed on, or the guy whose best friend "chundered" on his head. But my friends and I had fun! Photographic evidence is below: (I'm on the left, in case you had not gathered)

I'm coming to get you..
this is such a scary photo
I got to sleep at about half past one. I slept on the floor in my coat with no blankies or sleeping bag. Or pillow. And I'm pretty sure I put my hand in a pile of vomit, soooo gross. I woke up at regular intervals throughout the night and also lay awake shivering for ages, it was so horrible. I don't understand how a small room packed full with fifteen people sleeping really closely together can be freezing cold. The guy who had vomit on his tshirt obviously couldn't sleep with it on so I'm surprised he didn't freeze to death during the night, honestly. I got about three hours sleep.

I woke up at 6.50am and got picked up at 7.30am because I had voluntary work at a crop farm with my youth programme. It was actually really fun! This place is hidden away from everything and you'd never know it was there unless you walked for about half an hour down this little lane - which we did. First, my friend Nick and I walked for forty minutes to the place where we were meeting, then this extra half hour to the farm. At the farm, we all shovelled at least four huge bags each of dirt to clear a driveway, then weeded a vegetable patch, then picked out rocks from a field waiting to be ploughed, and then scooped manure and spread it to bury garlic in it to grow new garlic bulbs. Oh, and then I walked home which took about an hour. I did not sit down once from 9.30am to 4.30pm. How I ache.

But the farm is such a wonderful place, all run by volunteers. Plus, they're supported by Lorraine Pascale who I love! I might go back and see if they'll let me volunteer there soon when I have free time. When you stand in the main field, if you look towards the horizon, you can see the Gherkin and the Shard silhouetted against the sun. It sounds lame but it really is such a contrast and it's so beautiful. 

That was my weekend, in a nutshell.. Hope you enjoyed reading this super-long account!

Late September, part 1

I have sososo much to write here because I've neglected blogging for the past four days. Basically, Thursday was an uninteresting day and not much really went down. Friday was kind of boring too, but I made a fool of myself explaining all about Horny Harry memes (posted below) in detail when someone I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of was sitting back to back with me and I didn't realise. Honestly, my life is getting like a Georgia Nicolson book now. Except for the lack of Dave the Laughs in my life.

On Friday night at Brownies, we had a circus skills evening. There was this cray cray guy who travelled with the circus his whole life who came in to instruct the girls. We had a "chat" about magic mushrooms which consisted of him talking very loudly about them and their side effects and how great he found them while I nodded along but tried to give him a shut-the-fuck-up-seven-year-olds-are-listening look. It didn't work. Anyway, afterwards, I had my first evening of proper paid baby sitting! It was my brother's friend and his little sister. Their mum is Indian and their dad is English so they have that beautiful Eurasian look. They're honestly the coolest family ever; the mum works in the Ministry of Defence and their dad stages theatre productions in little hipster areas of London. 

And their house.. oh my god, it's so beautiful. It's like a boho-Indian theme and there are books covering every inch of wall which is my kind of heaven. They have these low sofas covered in this gorgeous patterned material and sculptures of decorated Indian elephants. In some of the doorways they have bead curtains and their conservatory is amazing. There are tons of Bowie records along with hundreds of CDs. From the ceiling hang ornate butterfly ornaments and there are tapestries on the walls. The whole place is so amazing. So I got to sit in this haven and finish reading the Great Gatsby (how does Gatsby die? Someone please enlighten me) and got paid £20 for four hours, wahaaay!

On Saturday - yesterday - my German grandma, my Oma, flew over to stay for a week. My parents are going to a conference in Lyon next week so she's here to supervise us for a few nights and to make us schnitzel for dinner which will deffo be the highlight of my week. I went shopping with her and my mum yesterday which was so amazing. I got a beautiful teal thick-knit jumper, a flowery skirt from TopShop, and two wonderful shirts by Saville Row from TK Maxx. They were an amazing find. Photos will be coming soon but my camera isn't connecting properly to the computer right now.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I know it's poor taste but...

H0rny Harry is back!

Disaster avoided

I feel like this blog is quite an intimate thing. Like, I'm quite an open person but there's stuff here I wouldn't talk about with people I know in real life. And today, this guy overheard me telling my best friendies about posting on here and he whipped out his HTC like "blogspot, yeah? I'm going to find it". And I didn't doubt that he would. Thank god the wifi connection wasn't working at school; I practically ran home and changed some settings

I feel like a bit of a loser but what's the alternative... have the whole of the year group sit here and read it? Sooo not happening. I have a double free period tomorrow yayayaya! So happy! This was a short post because I'm popping off to bed soon. I'm honestly needing coffee every morning which apparently, drunk in abundance, turns your teeth yellow. I deffo need to get out of this habit. Also, I need to watch that Channel 4 documentary - The Boy Who Can't Forget. It looks amazing:

Makes me laugh every time

Song of the day: Want You Back - Cher Lloyd

My friend does the grunt in this perfectly; definitely auditioning for Xfactor with this! For the lolz, naturally.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My bedroom and my face!

I've found my camera! This means lots of photos, wahaay!

My favourite cushion

The little plaits I was going on about

The nicer half of my bedroom

The other corner of my room...

A painting by my bed... this is getting really uninteresting now

My outfit from yesterday but I look so grumpy!

My naked face...

Well, I hope this has been an absolutely thrilling insight into my life and the bright orange sanctum that is my bedroom. Vill blog more shoon.

Song of le day:

If You Only Knew - Savannah Outen

Monday, 24 September 2012


This is our team photo for this year. I'm on the bottom row, far left. I'm too tall to be kneeling there but the rest of the girls are losers and couldn't be arsed to get down. So I look like a giant but heeey, at least I'm not sticking my boobs out...

Happy Monday!

I had a very lolz day today. Everything was funny at the time (although I'm now looking back like waddafuq?) and I only had three lessons because of my double free period, yaya! Plus, in geography, I sat around for about an hour and ate rock candy while pretending to make displays for open evening. All in all, a great day. However, I shall now recount something; one of the funny-at-the-time-but-now-it's-cringey moments.

I wore a skirt and jumper ensemble to school today and, even if I do say so myself, it looked pretty nice. But at approximately 1.15pm, during lunch break, disaster struck. I was with my friends in the common room and so was the rest of year 12 and year 13 and the world. It was so packed, it was crazy. About two seats along and a row in front, but with the chair turned so he was facing my direction, was this hot guy. He's the one I bitched about last week on here and how I'm not really interested anymore but I may have lied. I stood up because I needed to take a trip to the wee wee, and wahaaay, my skirt was pulled all the way up, revealing my turquoise butterfly knickers to the world.. oh yeah, and to him. Score! Luv ma lyf. But I found it hilarious at the time and cracked up by myself once I left the room. I am mad. He's seen my pants and my thunder thighs. Oh lorddddy. This is not good.

And, the situation is further worsened by an event which took place at approximately 2.10pm whilst I was in geography. I was having a little drink of water and happened to dribble it all down my chin at the precise moment this guy walks in to pick up his book he left behind. Again, not good. Let's remind ourselves, this is the guy who I had texty-time with for a few hours on Wednesday night and faceybooky-time with on Friday night - which he initiated, I might add. He's probably so turned off now. Anyway, it's a weird cyber-friendship thing so it's not an ideal situ in the first place.

Blah blah there are more important things to worry about, one of them being my camera has broken, I think. How am I supposed to upload pictures on my newly decorated room?! First world problems, hash taaaag, winky face.

Shee you tomorrow beautiful people! Oooh and I have a new reader in Bolivia, zank you very much!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday evening, rain is falling

Haha, did you get what I did there? "Sunday morning, rain is falling..." Maroon 5 song.. well it's Sunday evening and it's pouring. Honestly, I forgot to put on shoes when I took the rubbish out so I was barefoot in hail, it was horrible. I've also been ill today; tummy aches and feeling like I was going to throw up. I never get ill, this is was horrible! I had to miss our football match this morning but it was not an unproductive day:

I made seven little thin plaits in my hair, underneath it, sort of close to the nape of my neck and up round behind my ears. I think it will look quite nice tomorrow when I put it up in a ponytail or something. I also read more Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I think it's my second favourite Harry Potter book. Hogwarts always makes your day more enjoyable. I completed my history homework, plus I got my first AS history essay back on Friday - I got a B, one mark off an A! So happz with that because the standard is so much higher than GCSE. And I doodled around in my sketch book but I'm actually the crappest artist ever so that didn't amount to much.

I need to learn how to do this hair style too. It's so beautiful, I'm thinking maybe for year thirteen prom or something? Not sure how it looks from the front though.

I actually need to make an effort for year thirteen prom because of how little I tried for year eleven prom. Seriously, my dress was £20 from TK Maxx, my friend did my hair and make up and the shoes were £9 in a sale. Deffo making more of an effort next time. This is how I looked before from before (pretending to be a model...) and towards the end of the night. I actually look like I'm on drugs.

And you know when you get ideas and you're not sure if they're good or not? Well, I've decided a nose piercing would be fun. But this is obviously something I have to think about loooots because I'm going to have to pay for it; I can't do it myself like I did for my ears. And would a little hoop look chavvy, or just make me look like a bull with a nose ring?

Last night, I had a dream I got married but I can't remember who to! But I remember what the dress looked like! It was like this but with a round neckline, it was shooo lovely.

Song of the day:

Wings - Cimorelli 

Such a beautiful song, plus these sisters are amazing.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Step one, you say we need to talk

"An apostrophe is the difference between a company that knows its shit, and that knows it's shit".

The above quote is so freaking true. Like, when people mess up their apostrophes, it kills me. Honestly, it's so annoying and totally changes the meaning of what they're saying. Cray cray. Anyway, one of our English language teachers put this on the board today to see how many people got it. Not many is the answer you're looking for. This teacher is so cool. He can't teach for shit but he's a cool person. When I had him in year seven, we all used to go out of our way to annoy him, which I now understand was unnecessary and bitchy. Everybody still hates him and, to be fair, he is really annoying. He wears the same clothes every day and looks really unclean and mumbles and can't control a class. But he just doesn't care what anyone thinks. He's so passionate about books and plays and is really interested in culture. He runs chess club and plays in a jazz band in Soho clubs too. You can youtube that - the band is called Alice in Grooveland.

Anyway, he's coooool. I got thirteen pieces of homework this week though. Is it kind of weird I'm looking forward to doing them? I only have six left, wahay! Oh and today the best thing happened. Outside our history classroom, waiting for the teacher, my two friends, Josh and Eliza, and I had an impromptu acapella session. We were just harmonising and actually sounded like gospel singers. Let me tell you, I'm the worst singer ever so this is saying something. We did 'How to Save a Life' by the Fray so it's been stuck in my head ever since.

Ahh, it's been such a good day! However, I've been cold for about three days straight. Need to layer the blankets on top of my duvet I think. And wrap up on the way to school; need to dig out my parka.

lalalalalalala, happy daiz!

Song von den Tag:

How to Save a Life - The Fray

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cake Day!

Mrs Lloyd, I love you. She's my English teacher and she likes to bake. Every Wednesday afternoon, we have cake day. We made a rota and we take it in turns to bring in cakes for the whole class. This is literally the best thing ever invented. Honestly, it's going to be what I look forward to every day!

Ooooh, and someone called Orla Gartland is playing at a little place in London on 29th October! So excited! She's like one of my favourite singers and me and my friends are going to splash out on those £6.50 tickets and go there, yay! aldjkdgkldjalfjs! Oh, and I'm going to see Wicked soon! I know it's been around for absolutely ages and I've wanted to see it for years. So this will probably be one of the best things ever.

Oh-em-gee, nothing to blog about. These past two days have been very monotonous. My English lit teacher set an essay tonight due for tomorrow morning but that's done, wahay!

So funny!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dear Diary...

Because I've been blogging here so much.. or not, depending on your definition of "so much", I've neglected my actual diary. The handwritten one where I record everything I've done, what I think of people and upcoming events. But now, because I have this, I just totally forgot about it. I've been writing in it only like once a week, whoops. I also have this little tiny book where I write down every day what song's been in my head. Today is Payphone by Maroon 5. I've never ever not written in a song for each day there, bit of an achievement, whooo!

Today has been quite a good day actually! I had no free periods at school though; it was double history, double English lit, then geography. But I just had one of those days where every thing is funny so that was really good. Yesterday, my school football team had a game for the first round of national cup. Even though it was against a "specialist sports college", we won 3 - 2. The teacher who runs our team has been promising us a trip to McDonald's for the past two years, ever since we won the Surrey cup. So he finally fulfilled his promise yesterday and we all went there on the way home, wahaay!

I don't really know what else to blog about now... every thing is just going smoothly so there's nothing to rant about. All my family are out running now, so I have peace and quiet for the next half hour or something. Oh, and recently I got my room redecorated, I don't know if I've mentioned this before? Too lazy to go back and check, sorry if I'm repeating myself. It is now bright orange with lots of new bookcases for my hundreds of books. I'm also a hoarder so we've chucked away like half of every thing I own but it's honestly just complete crap anyway.

This is one of the single funniest photos I've seen. Honestly, I was like rolling around in my chair laughing when I first saw it. I apologise if you don't appreciate my sense of humour!

Song of die Tage:

Disparate Youth - Santigold

I heard this about a year ago or something but it's been on an advert recently and reminded me how much I like it!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amazing people

Some people are just so beautiful and brilliant that I feel I have to dedicate a whole post to them. I'll start with Archie: I've known this boy for something like twelve or thirteen years now. I used to think he was weird and we didn't really have much in common so I never spoke to him. He had this one best friend - James - who is also unspeakably cool. They just did what they wanted in primary school and didn't give a crap about what anyone else thought of them. All the rest of us tried so hard to be cool but they were relaxed and so calm and collected. Neither of them were particularly popular, but then again, there was no reason to dislike them. 

Archie now reads amazing literature and is still chilled. He wears tailored waistcoats and has a pocket watch and wears kilts. He wore one to prom and people gave him crap for it but he didn't care. I voted him prom king; he didn't get it but he should have. People don't know how amazing he is. James now sings in an opera choir and represents the county at showcases all over the place. The best thing is, they've known each other since the were two years old and have been best friends ever since, not arguing once. They still live on the same road - the one next to mine - and see each other regularly, even though they're not at the same school. They're so amazing, both of them.

Next is Matt. I've only know him for about two years and we used to be best friends. Like, you wouldn't see us without each other. We fell out for a while over something stupid but we're just now getting close again. I sat next to him in geography for the first time in about a year the other day, and I got no work done. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because he made me laugh so much. Honestly, this guy is so great. We also ended up sitting together in English language class and again, no work. He's so amazing and, for me, is just one of those people you get a buzz from being around. So great.

I also know someone called Nick. I've only known him for about two months but he's so cool. He, by some weird coincidence, is friends with James, mentioned above, which I never knew. They go to the same school and get the bus there together. In fact, as I type this, James is at Nick's for a sleepover. Nick reads great books, watches foreign films and has an amazing taste in music. He's teaching himself Japanese and is one of those rare people you can talk to in depth about a meaningful subject. He also makes me laugh a lot and I spent lots of time with him yesterday doing charity work. I can be in silence with him but it's not awkward because you feel so comfortable around him.

You may notice these are all guys. This is because all the girls who I think this about are my besty friendies and I'll do a whooole separate post on them later. I have a lot of love for these people.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I hate poetry.

"Did the poet use red to symbolise blood? Anger? Lust? Or is the wheelbarrow simply red because red sounded better than black?" - Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why.

Take English literature for A level, they said. It's all books, no poetry, they said. They lied. I was like "yay, books! Let's do this". I'm the biggest bookworm ever so I was pretty excited. But no, we have to analyse poetry too. Not even like a little bit. A lot-a bit. I hate poetry. I think it's pretentious shit. I was set a 1000 word essay yesterday afternoon to hand in for Monday morning. I have a busy weekend including volunteering at Brownies, doing charity work, football training and then a football team photo shoot. Our whole class is busy, either working to get money for uni, or doing community-based projects. When the hell are we supposed to squeeze in this essay?! And I wouldn't even mind too much if it was half-way decent piece of poetry. It's not.

I Am He

Mind, nor intellect, nor ego, feeling;
Sky nor earth nor metals am I.
I am He, I am He, Blessed spirit, I am He!
No birth, no death, no caste have I;
Father, mother, have I none.
I am He, I am He, Blessed spirit, I am He!
Beyond the flights of fancy, formless am I,
Permeating the limbs of all life;
Bondage I do not fear; I am free, ever free.
I am He, I am He, Blessed spirit, I am He!

This is shit. No offence to Adi Shankaracharya who wrote it in the 8th century BC, but really, it's not very good. Poetry is never any good. Actually, it's alright until you start putting implied meanings in there. Then I can't deal. What's the point of burying meanings away? Apparently, according to my dad, what is being described in this shit poem is a force of some kind, "creating life and being created by life". Thanks daddy, I'll be using that in my essay!

This brings me back to the quotation at the top of the blog; one of my all time favourite quotes. It  just describes my attitude towards poetry perfectly. So, in answer to the question in the quote: "yes, yes it's just because red sounds better - please do not read any more into it". Sorted.

There's this lovely guy at my school but he pisses me off no end in English lit. There's this poem with a door, and he's like "maybe she closed the door to symbolise the apartheid and how the races were segrated?" No, you poo, she just closed the door because she went inside and the poem ended.

dkghafjkgh. Rant over!

Song of the day:

Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

I miss this Maroon 5. Their older stuff, like this, is so amazing. Enjoy.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The sun is in my eyes!

I can actually see like nothing right now, this wonderful four o'clock sun is too bright and too low! I also have nothing to blog about, sorry! I kept thinking today that it was Wednesday, not good. Today, I learnt how to wink in a seductive manner.. I've been doing at little year sevens like all day. It's just so funny to watch their reactions; they all look horrified.

And I have something else to rant about! It's kind of a long story: basically in like November last year there was this guy at my school who I thought was incredibly good looking. So we just got talking on facebook and then he like totally blanked me in person which I found so freaking rude. And then he finally starts acknowledging me in person and then is really flirty and texted me all the time so I thought we might be going somewhere but I still didn't really fancy him. God, I sound like such a ditzy teenage girl. I'm not, promise! And then he got a girlfriend and I didn't really mind much, but he started ignoring me in person again and talking to me loads via facebook and text. Just make up your mind, gawd.. and lately we've been speaking loads but he just ignores me at school. So I've given up on him but it's just annoying! Like, immensely irritating.

So that's what's made my day kind of pooey, but on the brightside, tomorrow is Friday! Plus my friend's having this huge party soon which will be fun, wahaay!

Song of le day:

Colours - Grouplove (Xaphoon Jones remix)

Grouplove are such an amazing group, you should also look at their other songs; I can highly recommend Tongue Tied!

I hope I'm introducing you to tons of amazing music through this! Also, I have like a hundred and thirty views or something on my blog from all kinds of places like Russia and Sweden and the Philippines, so thank you!

Plus, this picture just made my day! I'm actually sitting here crying with laughter.. enjoy.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I just wanted to talk about my football team and have a rant about it. I play for AFC Wimbledon U18s and, oh my, if I knew it would be like this I wouldn't have come back for this season. I've played for them for the past two years and it was always quite casual and just a bit of a laugh. Now it's got serious. Really.

We had a match two days ago which we won 7 - 1. It doesn't really count though because it's again the worst team in our league sooo... We already train weekly, now the manager is talking about upping it to two. I might cry. We have matches every Sunday and one of our girls gets injured almost every game. The coach is always booking slots with the physio and has a full first aid kit stashed with everything you could need for a sports injury. I've been fine so far, touch wood!

The girls from the other teams are horrible, I swear we're the only ones who don't resort to screaming abuse at our opponents and the referee. sldskldjaslfjasfj, it's just so annoying! A lot of the people on my team are people with whom I wouldn't generally choose to be around.. they're just not my type of people. Our team is split in two: you have the people who really think they're it, and then the rest of us who are just normal. Well, I'm not normal but, you know, we don't look down on other people. And jeez, what kind of person are you if you dislike someone just because they mess up in a game? Like, she's a perfectly nice girl and you dislike her because you play better. It's horrible.

I think only two - maybe three - girls on the team are on the same wavelength as me. Besides, next year we have to trial for the ladies team if we want to continue playing. I am not playing against grown women. I'm already playing in the U18s team when I'm sixteen. Plus, I wouldn't make the cut. And the pressssssure.. pushing down on me, pushing down on you. No way!

And we have a team photoshoot at the stadium on Sunday right after training so I get to be all red-faced and sweaty for this year's pictures, yay..

Totally unrelated: my friend and I have set a goal to be completed before Christmas. It's to go up to a complete stranger who is hot as, and talk to him. We do goals like every year and they're totally cringey so I can't say what they are here or I might die of embarrassment. But yeah, wish me luck!

Song of ze day:

Animal - Neon Trees

And a nice lyric video so you get to sing along!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Sixth form

Today was my first day at my sixth form. It really isn't very different from year 11 because it's basically still part of my school. Everyone just moved up a year group so I know like everyone. We have something like twenty new people, that's it. We didn't have the first two lesson because we had assemblies and did admin stuff... boooring! Then I had a free period so I just sat around for an hour. I had English literature next. Our teacher didn't even have a lesson planned so we just left after like twenty minutes, lol. And last was geography. I love geography. I'm a geography fanatic. So we just did the water cycle and drainage basin system, yay!

My geography teacher also set us homework: what is the answer to life? How in any way is that geography-related?! So, I ask you - what is the answer to life? Please help me, I can't do it. Also, being a sixth former is so bloody boring. There's no where to go except the bloody common room and it stinks all the time. I played chess at lunch. This is how bad it got. On the plus side, I'm only doing lessons that I like - geography, history, English lit, and English lang! And I get nine free periods every fortnight, woohoo!

Song of da day:

Some Nights - Jake Coco + Friends
I know it's not the original but I really do love it. I just looove Sara Niemietz (look for her at 0:18) and Jess Moskaluke (she's at 0:10).

And I know it's really bad to not acknowledge the original - I even feel bad for liking a cover version better! - so here's the linky for that:

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Internet buddies

I like internet people. Oh, just read that back, it looks really weird! I like meeting people on the internet with whom I have things in common or who I just connect with. Like, I was on video chat today - I do not recommend this unless you're prepared to see lots of icky stuff - and I met a great guy from Australia called James. We spoke for like two hours; it was so amazing. Love dat guy. We're so keeping in touch, I love having pen friends!

Also, as I've talked about it before.. I love! You meet so many great people on there. I don't ever care if it's like top nerdiness, it's great! And you get to "neomail" people there to stay in touch. dkfjhdfalsjfl words cannot express my love for Neopets! And here, on blogspot, too: I met someone - hi Jess! - who has like a trillion of the same interests as me and it's so cool.

I think the whole stranger danger thing is overplayed too. Like, there's one bad case where a girl meets a "teenage guy" she's never seen before and he turns out to be a fifty year old paedo. It barely happens, which is why you hear about it - because it's an unusual occurrence. So, my point is there's nothing wrong with meeting someone you speak to on the internet. Ah, again, that sounds so weird. But yeah, it's cool to speak to new people, behind a screen or not!

Song of the day:

One and Only - Adele

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Oh my, he is possibly the best looking thing on this planet. (Along with Vini Uehara, of course.) Max Schneider, wow. He also looks just how I picture one of my favourite book characters - Michael Lee of Adorkable by Sarra Manning - but that's not the point. The point is he is hot beyond words. It's quite unbelievable. As my friends puts it: "If I had a son who looked like him, I would be praising the Lord every day for blessing me with such a beautiful child". And I agree with her, wholeheartedly. One day, I hope to marry Max Schneider. Kate Schneider.. it has a certain ring to it ;)

This is so you can feast your eyes on his beautiful face and drink in that gorgeousness.

Tuesday 4th September, 2012

I woke up today to my mum and brother arguing. I don't even know what about; it was at like 7.30am. I got up once my brother went out and my mother left for work so I could eat breakfast in peace. I came down to the kitchen table and saw this:

1. Empty dishwasher
2. Re-stack dishwasher
3. Wash up and dry up
4. Put it all away
5. Clean kitchen sink
6. Hoover upstairs rooms
7. Hoover up the stairs
8. Hoover bathroom
9. Clean the bath
10. Clean bathroom sink
11. Fetch bread and newspaper.

I'll be honest, I actually cried. There goes my peaceful morning! However, I managed to get it all done in like an hour which was pretty good. I then proceeded to eat Ben & Jerry's and watch a trashy American talk show on a 41 year old teacher who started a relationship with an 18 year old student of his. I don't really understand what the fuss is about; they waited until she was an adult before they started anything romantic. The guy also resigned from his job before they got really serious, so again, what's the problem? He didn't even abuse his position of trust; the girl loves him and wants to be with him too. Basically, her mum is being a cow about the whole thing but it makes pretty entertaining viewing! I went on next and met a load of people who gave me the lols (including my new Turkish friend, Ayberk, he's a babe!)

I also went into town with my friend and got McDonald's. We sat in the park and then a friend of hers came over to borrow a "rolly". He sat in bird poo and it also got on his shoulder. I shouldn't laugh but it was funny. When he left, we met up with two other girls, neither of whom I really know. They were wearing burgundy maxi skirts and leather vests. They had cheap rings on every finger and streaks of like blue and green and purple in their hair. Inside their bags, there were packets of tobacco (fondly referred to as "baccy"), papers to roll their fags in, filters and all the other paraphernalia needed to make a roll-up. These girls, including my friend, honestly smoke like chimneys. The smoke gets in my freshly washed hair.. not cool. 

And then they began to talk about how they spent all of their £35 allowance yesterday on "baccy and vodka and that well nice necklace". It looks like I'm making them out to be horrible - I'm really trying not to, but blehh, it just wasn't too enjoyable. So I made my excuses and left. If my friend ever finds this blog - God forbid! - it's going to look sooo bad.

I just think there's more to life right now than getting "wankered" (as one of the girls puts it) every night of the summer, and then discussing what happened at each party for hours. There's more to being a teenager than smoking drugs and sleeping on golf courses, shoplifting from the TopShop sale and lying in pools of other people's vomit. I'm just happy my closest friends aren't like that and that our whole lives don't centre around "oh my days, do you know what Chloe did last night, yeah she got with Luke and he was like blah blah and she was like crying and lalalalala..." Ahh, I don't mean to slate these girls, they're nice, really! Just having a rant.

Song of the day: (this is not going to be a regular feature though!)

Robots - Lauren Aquilina

It's been stuck in my head all day. Unfortunately, she deleted the video off her channel and now the only place it can be found on the whole of youtube is here, and it's not the whole song. But it's deffo amazing:

Monday, 3 September 2012


I went to the Paralympic athletics today! It was amazing. Everytime any athletics is on TV, I'm glued there for hours, honestly. It's like a little obsession now! My school offered free tickets to the Olympics and Paralympics to their model students - me ;) - so it was like a bloody dream come true. However, the tickets are free for a reason; we were sat in the last but one row, basically as far away from the track as you can get. It didn't matter though, you could still see everything!

We saw loads of wheelchair races and the men's long jump. We also saw the women's 400m for the blind. This is actually one of the best things I've ever seen. They ran round the track with their guides and because they've trained together so much, they're best friends. A Brazilian lady won  (I didn't catch her name and can't find it anywhere on google, or find a picture of her!) so when she went up to the podium, she and her guide-best-friend were laughing and dancing and just being such an inspiration. That's seriously the highlight of my day! Maybe there'll be a youtube video of it soon... hopefully!

This is what the tickets looked like, nice colour!

Oh, also, I forgot to blog about my new favourite film... Notting Hill! I know it's crazy old and came out years ago but Hugh Grant is my favourite actor and Julia Roberts is deffo in my top ten favourite actresses so, for me, this film is nearly unbeatable. I love that it's centred around a bookshop and the different lifestyles they lead but how they end up together. Romcoms are my absolutely favourite type of film too. dfklasghlhflashf, it's so good: watch it watch it watch it!

And this guy just makes the film, he's an actual babe!

Over and out.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bella Swan...

... is not a normal girl. Honestly, it just hit me the other day. She is actually really abnormal. Like, she got to a new school and didn't make any attempt to befriend anyone there. Then, there's a mysterious guy who she becomes obsessed with. When she finds out he's 108 years old and a vampire, she still thinks that's fine. I don't know about you, but I would be seriously turned off!

She also doesn't seem to care about her family and friends much... like she doesn't think twice about leaving them all to become a vampire. Is Edward really that great? Worth giving up eveeeerything for? Not for an average teenage girl. She also has no hobbies or interests...

Bella and Edward have only ever talked about two things: how much they love each other and how much danger they face. How can you be in love with someone you have nothing in common with? I don't understand it, waaah! She has no ambition, other than to marry Edward Cullen.

I've just read over this, I sound horrible! I'm not even slating Twilight - I used to be the biggest TwiHard ever. I'm not saying it's a great piece of literature because it's definitely not. It's addictive, though. However, I'm only just realising that Bella is a pretty boring character, and you definitely can't relate to her because she is not a normal girl.