Thursday, 6 September 2012

Internet buddies

I like internet people. Oh, just read that back, it looks really weird! I like meeting people on the internet with whom I have things in common or who I just connect with. Like, I was on video chat today - I do not recommend this unless you're prepared to see lots of icky stuff - and I met a great guy from Australia called James. We spoke for like two hours; it was so amazing. Love dat guy. We're so keeping in touch, I love having pen friends!

Also, as I've talked about it before.. I love! You meet so many great people on there. I don't ever care if it's like top nerdiness, it's great! And you get to "neomail" people there to stay in touch. dkfjhdfalsjfl words cannot express my love for Neopets! And here, on blogspot, too: I met someone - hi Jess! - who has like a trillion of the same interests as me and it's so cool.

I think the whole stranger danger thing is overplayed too. Like, there's one bad case where a girl meets a "teenage guy" she's never seen before and he turns out to be a fifty year old paedo. It barely happens, which is why you hear about it - because it's an unusual occurrence. So, my point is there's nothing wrong with meeting someone you speak to on the internet. Ah, again, that sounds so weird. But yeah, it's cool to speak to new people, behind a screen or not!

Song of the day:

One and Only - Adele