Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday 4th September, 2012

I woke up today to my mum and brother arguing. I don't even know what about; it was at like 7.30am. I got up once my brother went out and my mother left for work so I could eat breakfast in peace. I came down to the kitchen table and saw this:

1. Empty dishwasher
2. Re-stack dishwasher
3. Wash up and dry up
4. Put it all away
5. Clean kitchen sink
6. Hoover upstairs rooms
7. Hoover up the stairs
8. Hoover bathroom
9. Clean the bath
10. Clean bathroom sink
11. Fetch bread and newspaper.

I'll be honest, I actually cried. There goes my peaceful morning! However, I managed to get it all done in like an hour which was pretty good. I then proceeded to eat Ben & Jerry's and watch a trashy American talk show on a 41 year old teacher who started a relationship with an 18 year old student of his. I don't really understand what the fuss is about; they waited until she was an adult before they started anything romantic. The guy also resigned from his job before they got really serious, so again, what's the problem? He didn't even abuse his position of trust; the girl loves him and wants to be with him too. Basically, her mum is being a cow about the whole thing but it makes pretty entertaining viewing! I went on next and met a load of people who gave me the lols (including my new Turkish friend, Ayberk, he's a babe!)

I also went into town with my friend and got McDonald's. We sat in the park and then a friend of hers came over to borrow a "rolly". He sat in bird poo and it also got on his shoulder. I shouldn't laugh but it was funny. When he left, we met up with two other girls, neither of whom I really know. They were wearing burgundy maxi skirts and leather vests. They had cheap rings on every finger and streaks of like blue and green and purple in their hair. Inside their bags, there were packets of tobacco (fondly referred to as "baccy"), papers to roll their fags in, filters and all the other paraphernalia needed to make a roll-up. These girls, including my friend, honestly smoke like chimneys. The smoke gets in my freshly washed hair.. not cool. 

And then they began to talk about how they spent all of their £35 allowance yesterday on "baccy and vodka and that well nice necklace". It looks like I'm making them out to be horrible - I'm really trying not to, but blehh, it just wasn't too enjoyable. So I made my excuses and left. If my friend ever finds this blog - God forbid! - it's going to look sooo bad.

I just think there's more to life right now than getting "wankered" (as one of the girls puts it) every night of the summer, and then discussing what happened at each party for hours. There's more to being a teenager than smoking drugs and sleeping on golf courses, shoplifting from the TopShop sale and lying in pools of other people's vomit. I'm just happy my closest friends aren't like that and that our whole lives don't centre around "oh my days, do you know what Chloe did last night, yeah she got with Luke and he was like blah blah and she was like crying and lalalalala..." Ahh, I don't mean to slate these girls, they're nice, really! Just having a rant.

Song of the day: (this is not going to be a regular feature though!)

Robots - Lauren Aquilina

It's been stuck in my head all day. Unfortunately, she deleted the video off her channel and now the only place it can be found on the whole of youtube is here, and it's not the whole song. But it's deffo amazing:

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