Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amazing people

Some people are just so beautiful and brilliant that I feel I have to dedicate a whole post to them. I'll start with Archie: I've known this boy for something like twelve or thirteen years now. I used to think he was weird and we didn't really have much in common so I never spoke to him. He had this one best friend - James - who is also unspeakably cool. They just did what they wanted in primary school and didn't give a crap about what anyone else thought of them. All the rest of us tried so hard to be cool but they were relaxed and so calm and collected. Neither of them were particularly popular, but then again, there was no reason to dislike them. 

Archie now reads amazing literature and is still chilled. He wears tailored waistcoats and has a pocket watch and wears kilts. He wore one to prom and people gave him crap for it but he didn't care. I voted him prom king; he didn't get it but he should have. People don't know how amazing he is. James now sings in an opera choir and represents the county at showcases all over the place. The best thing is, they've known each other since the were two years old and have been best friends ever since, not arguing once. They still live on the same road - the one next to mine - and see each other regularly, even though they're not at the same school. They're so amazing, both of them.

Next is Matt. I've only know him for about two years and we used to be best friends. Like, you wouldn't see us without each other. We fell out for a while over something stupid but we're just now getting close again. I sat next to him in geography for the first time in about a year the other day, and I got no work done. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because he made me laugh so much. Honestly, this guy is so great. We also ended up sitting together in English language class and again, no work. He's so amazing and, for me, is just one of those people you get a buzz from being around. So great.

I also know someone called Nick. I've only known him for about two months but he's so cool. He, by some weird coincidence, is friends with James, mentioned above, which I never knew. They go to the same school and get the bus there together. In fact, as I type this, James is at Nick's for a sleepover. Nick reads great books, watches foreign films and has an amazing taste in music. He's teaching himself Japanese and is one of those rare people you can talk to in depth about a meaningful subject. He also makes me laugh a lot and I spent lots of time with him yesterday doing charity work. I can be in silence with him but it's not awkward because you feel so comfortable around him.

You may notice these are all guys. This is because all the girls who I think this about are my besty friendies and I'll do a whooole separate post on them later. I have a lot of love for these people.

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