Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Disaster avoided

I feel like this blog is quite an intimate thing. Like, I'm quite an open person but there's stuff here I wouldn't talk about with people I know in real life. And today, this guy overheard me telling my best friendies about posting on here and he whipped out his HTC like "blogspot, yeah? I'm going to find it". And I didn't doubt that he would. Thank god the wifi connection wasn't working at school; I practically ran home and changed some settings

I feel like a bit of a loser but what's the alternative... have the whole of the year group sit here and read it? Sooo not happening. I have a double free period tomorrow yayayaya! So happy! This was a short post because I'm popping off to bed soon. I'm honestly needing coffee every morning which apparently, drunk in abundance, turns your teeth yellow. I deffo need to get out of this habit. Also, I need to watch that Channel 4 documentary - The Boy Who Can't Forget. It looks amazing:

Makes me laugh every time

Song of the day: Want You Back - Cher Lloyd

My friend does the grunt in this perfectly; definitely auditioning for Xfactor with this! For the lolz, naturally.

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