Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday evening, rain is falling

Haha, did you get what I did there? "Sunday morning, rain is falling..." Maroon 5 song.. well it's Sunday evening and it's pouring. Honestly, I forgot to put on shoes when I took the rubbish out so I was barefoot in hail, it was horrible. I've also been ill today; tummy aches and feeling like I was going to throw up. I never get ill, this is was horrible! I had to miss our football match this morning but it was not an unproductive day:

I made seven little thin plaits in my hair, underneath it, sort of close to the nape of my neck and up round behind my ears. I think it will look quite nice tomorrow when I put it up in a ponytail or something. I also read more Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! I think it's my second favourite Harry Potter book. Hogwarts always makes your day more enjoyable. I completed my history homework, plus I got my first AS history essay back on Friday - I got a B, one mark off an A! So happz with that because the standard is so much higher than GCSE. And I doodled around in my sketch book but I'm actually the crappest artist ever so that didn't amount to much.

I need to learn how to do this hair style too. It's so beautiful, I'm thinking maybe for year thirteen prom or something? Not sure how it looks from the front though.

I actually need to make an effort for year thirteen prom because of how little I tried for year eleven prom. Seriously, my dress was £20 from TK Maxx, my friend did my hair and make up and the shoes were £9 in a sale. Deffo making more of an effort next time. This is how I looked before from before (pretending to be a model...) and towards the end of the night. I actually look like I'm on drugs.

And you know when you get ideas and you're not sure if they're good or not? Well, I've decided a nose piercing would be fun. But this is obviously something I have to think about loooots because I'm going to have to pay for it; I can't do it myself like I did for my ears. And would a little hoop look chavvy, or just make me look like a bull with a nose ring?

Last night, I had a dream I got married but I can't remember who to! But I remember what the dress looked like! It was like this but with a round neckline, it was shooo lovely.

Song of the day:

Wings - Cimorelli 

Such a beautiful song, plus these sisters are amazing.

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