Thursday, 13 September 2012

The sun is in my eyes!

I can actually see like nothing right now, this wonderful four o'clock sun is too bright and too low! I also have nothing to blog about, sorry! I kept thinking today that it was Wednesday, not good. Today, I learnt how to wink in a seductive manner.. I've been doing at little year sevens like all day. It's just so funny to watch their reactions; they all look horrified.

And I have something else to rant about! It's kind of a long story: basically in like November last year there was this guy at my school who I thought was incredibly good looking. So we just got talking on facebook and then he like totally blanked me in person which I found so freaking rude. And then he finally starts acknowledging me in person and then is really flirty and texted me all the time so I thought we might be going somewhere but I still didn't really fancy him. God, I sound like such a ditzy teenage girl. I'm not, promise! And then he got a girlfriend and I didn't really mind much, but he started ignoring me in person again and talking to me loads via facebook and text. Just make up your mind, gawd.. and lately we've been speaking loads but he just ignores me at school. So I've given up on him but it's just annoying! Like, immensely irritating.

So that's what's made my day kind of pooey, but on the brightside, tomorrow is Friday! Plus my friend's having this huge party soon which will be fun, wahaay!

Song of le day:

Colours - Grouplove (Xaphoon Jones remix)

Grouplove are such an amazing group, you should also look at their other songs; I can highly recommend Tongue Tied!

I hope I'm introducing you to tons of amazing music through this! Also, I have like a hundred and thirty views or something on my blog from all kinds of places like Russia and Sweden and the Philippines, so thank you!

Plus, this picture just made my day! I'm actually sitting here crying with laughter.. enjoy.

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