Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cake Day!

Mrs Lloyd, I love you. She's my English teacher and she likes to bake. Every Wednesday afternoon, we have cake day. We made a rota and we take it in turns to bring in cakes for the whole class. This is literally the best thing ever invented. Honestly, it's going to be what I look forward to every day!

Ooooh, and someone called Orla Gartland is playing at a little place in London on 29th October! So excited! She's like one of my favourite singers and me and my friends are going to splash out on those £6.50 tickets and go there, yay! aldjkdgkldjalfjs! Oh, and I'm going to see Wicked soon! I know it's been around for absolutely ages and I've wanted to see it for years. So this will probably be one of the best things ever.

Oh-em-gee, nothing to blog about. These past two days have been very monotonous. My English lit teacher set an essay tonight due for tomorrow morning but that's done, wahay!

So funny!


  1. You're seeig orla gartland?! I want to go & see her! No fair! :( no one else I know actually knows who she is so I can't go!!!! D; poo!

  2. My friends said they wanted to come but now they've changed their minds and I cannot go by myself.. pretty bummed out! Plus, there is the minor issue that under 17s have to be accompanied by an adult :'(