Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Monday!

I had a very lolz day today. Everything was funny at the time (although I'm now looking back like waddafuq?) and I only had three lessons because of my double free period, yaya! Plus, in geography, I sat around for about an hour and ate rock candy while pretending to make displays for open evening. All in all, a great day. However, I shall now recount something; one of the funny-at-the-time-but-now-it's-cringey moments.

I wore a skirt and jumper ensemble to school today and, even if I do say so myself, it looked pretty nice. But at approximately 1.15pm, during lunch break, disaster struck. I was with my friends in the common room and so was the rest of year 12 and year 13 and the world. It was so packed, it was crazy. About two seats along and a row in front, but with the chair turned so he was facing my direction, was this hot guy. He's the one I bitched about last week on here and how I'm not really interested anymore but I may have lied. I stood up because I needed to take a trip to the wee wee, and wahaaay, my skirt was pulled all the way up, revealing my turquoise butterfly knickers to the world.. oh yeah, and to him. Score! Luv ma lyf. But I found it hilarious at the time and cracked up by myself once I left the room. I am mad. He's seen my pants and my thunder thighs. Oh lorddddy. This is not good.

And, the situation is further worsened by an event which took place at approximately 2.10pm whilst I was in geography. I was having a little drink of water and happened to dribble it all down my chin at the precise moment this guy walks in to pick up his book he left behind. Again, not good. Let's remind ourselves, this is the guy who I had texty-time with for a few hours on Wednesday night and faceybooky-time with on Friday night - which he initiated, I might add. He's probably so turned off now. Anyway, it's a weird cyber-friendship thing so it's not an ideal situ in the first place.

Blah blah there are more important things to worry about, one of them being my camera has broken, I think. How am I supposed to upload pictures on my newly decorated room?! First world problems, hash taaaag, winky face.

Shee you tomorrow beautiful people! Oooh and I have a new reader in Bolivia, zank you very much!

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