Sunday, 30 September 2012

Late September, part 2

Velcome back. I decided to make this into two posts because it would be ridiculously long if I didn't. To continue: I went to my friend's party on Saturday night which was really fun. I wore my soft ankle boots which are so amazingly comfy, my £2 charity shop skirt, and my new teal jumper. Some girls came in heels and bodycon dresses but a lot of people went casual like me so it was all okay. A good night was had by all - except for the guy who threw up on the living room carpet, or my friend who had his tshirt vommed on, or the guy whose best friend "chundered" on his head. But my friends and I had fun! Photographic evidence is below: (I'm on the left, in case you had not gathered)

I'm coming to get you..
this is such a scary photo
I got to sleep at about half past one. I slept on the floor in my coat with no blankies or sleeping bag. Or pillow. And I'm pretty sure I put my hand in a pile of vomit, soooo gross. I woke up at regular intervals throughout the night and also lay awake shivering for ages, it was so horrible. I don't understand how a small room packed full with fifteen people sleeping really closely together can be freezing cold. The guy who had vomit on his tshirt obviously couldn't sleep with it on so I'm surprised he didn't freeze to death during the night, honestly. I got about three hours sleep.

I woke up at 6.50am and got picked up at 7.30am because I had voluntary work at a crop farm with my youth programme. It was actually really fun! This place is hidden away from everything and you'd never know it was there unless you walked for about half an hour down this little lane - which we did. First, my friend Nick and I walked for forty minutes to the place where we were meeting, then this extra half hour to the farm. At the farm, we all shovelled at least four huge bags each of dirt to clear a driveway, then weeded a vegetable patch, then picked out rocks from a field waiting to be ploughed, and then scooped manure and spread it to bury garlic in it to grow new garlic bulbs. Oh, and then I walked home which took about an hour. I did not sit down once from 9.30am to 4.30pm. How I ache.

But the farm is such a wonderful place, all run by volunteers. Plus, they're supported by Lorraine Pascale who I love! I might go back and see if they'll let me volunteer there soon when I have free time. When you stand in the main field, if you look towards the horizon, you can see the Gherkin and the Shard silhouetted against the sun. It sounds lame but it really is such a contrast and it's so beautiful. 

That was my weekend, in a nutshell.. Hope you enjoyed reading this super-long account!

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