Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I just wanted to talk about my football team and have a rant about it. I play for AFC Wimbledon U18s and, oh my, if I knew it would be like this I wouldn't have come back for this season. I've played for them for the past two years and it was always quite casual and just a bit of a laugh. Now it's got serious. Really.

We had a match two days ago which we won 7 - 1. It doesn't really count though because it's again the worst team in our league sooo... We already train weekly, now the manager is talking about upping it to two. I might cry. We have matches every Sunday and one of our girls gets injured almost every game. The coach is always booking slots with the physio and has a full first aid kit stashed with everything you could need for a sports injury. I've been fine so far, touch wood!

The girls from the other teams are horrible, I swear we're the only ones who don't resort to screaming abuse at our opponents and the referee. sldskldjaslfjasfj, it's just so annoying! A lot of the people on my team are people with whom I wouldn't generally choose to be around.. they're just not my type of people. Our team is split in two: you have the people who really think they're it, and then the rest of us who are just normal. Well, I'm not normal but, you know, we don't look down on other people. And jeez, what kind of person are you if you dislike someone just because they mess up in a game? Like, she's a perfectly nice girl and you dislike her because you play better. It's horrible.

I think only two - maybe three - girls on the team are on the same wavelength as me. Besides, next year we have to trial for the ladies team if we want to continue playing. I am not playing against grown women. I'm already playing in the U18s team when I'm sixteen. Plus, I wouldn't make the cut. And the pressssssure.. pushing down on me, pushing down on you. No way!

And we have a team photoshoot at the stadium on Sunday right after training so I get to be all red-faced and sweaty for this year's pictures, yay..

Totally unrelated: my friend and I have set a goal to be completed before Christmas. It's to go up to a complete stranger who is hot as, and talk to him. We do goals like every year and they're totally cringey so I can't say what they are here or I might die of embarrassment. But yeah, wish me luck!

Song of ze day:

Animal - Neon Trees

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