Monday, 10 September 2012

Sixth form

Today was my first day at my sixth form. It really isn't very different from year 11 because it's basically still part of my school. Everyone just moved up a year group so I know like everyone. We have something like twenty new people, that's it. We didn't have the first two lesson because we had assemblies and did admin stuff... boooring! Then I had a free period so I just sat around for an hour. I had English literature next. Our teacher didn't even have a lesson planned so we just left after like twenty minutes, lol. And last was geography. I love geography. I'm a geography fanatic. So we just did the water cycle and drainage basin system, yay!

My geography teacher also set us homework: what is the answer to life? How in any way is that geography-related?! So, I ask you - what is the answer to life? Please help me, I can't do it. Also, being a sixth former is so bloody boring. There's no where to go except the bloody common room and it stinks all the time. I played chess at lunch. This is how bad it got. On the plus side, I'm only doing lessons that I like - geography, history, English lit, and English lang! And I get nine free periods every fortnight, woohoo!

Song of da day:

Some Nights - Jake Coco + Friends
I know it's not the original but I really do love it. I just looove Sara Niemietz (look for her at 0:18) and Jess Moskaluke (she's at 0:10).

And I know it's really bad to not acknowledge the original - I even feel bad for liking a cover version better! - so here's the linky for that:

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