Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dear Diary...

Because I've been blogging here so much.. or not, depending on your definition of "so much", I've neglected my actual diary. The handwritten one where I record everything I've done, what I think of people and upcoming events. But now, because I have this, I just totally forgot about it. I've been writing in it only like once a week, whoops. I also have this little tiny book where I write down every day what song's been in my head. Today is Payphone by Maroon 5. I've never ever not written in a song for each day there, bit of an achievement, whooo!

Today has been quite a good day actually! I had no free periods at school though; it was double history, double English lit, then geography. But I just had one of those days where every thing is funny so that was really good. Yesterday, my school football team had a game for the first round of national cup. Even though it was against a "specialist sports college", we won 3 - 2. The teacher who runs our team has been promising us a trip to McDonald's for the past two years, ever since we won the Surrey cup. So he finally fulfilled his promise yesterday and we all went there on the way home, wahaay!

I don't really know what else to blog about now... every thing is just going smoothly so there's nothing to rant about. All my family are out running now, so I have peace and quiet for the next half hour or something. Oh, and recently I got my room redecorated, I don't know if I've mentioned this before? Too lazy to go back and check, sorry if I'm repeating myself. It is now bright orange with lots of new bookcases for my hundreds of books. I'm also a hoarder so we've chucked away like half of every thing I own but it's honestly just complete crap anyway.

This is one of the single funniest photos I've seen. Honestly, I was like rolling around in my chair laughing when I first saw it. I apologise if you don't appreciate my sense of humour!

Song of die Tage:

Disparate Youth - Santigold

I heard this about a year ago or something but it's been on an advert recently and reminded me how much I like it!

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