Sunday, 30 September 2012

Late September, part 1

I have sososo much to write here because I've neglected blogging for the past four days. Basically, Thursday was an uninteresting day and not much really went down. Friday was kind of boring too, but I made a fool of myself explaining all about Horny Harry memes (posted below) in detail when someone I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of was sitting back to back with me and I didn't realise. Honestly, my life is getting like a Georgia Nicolson book now. Except for the lack of Dave the Laughs in my life.

On Friday night at Brownies, we had a circus skills evening. There was this cray cray guy who travelled with the circus his whole life who came in to instruct the girls. We had a "chat" about magic mushrooms which consisted of him talking very loudly about them and their side effects and how great he found them while I nodded along but tried to give him a shut-the-fuck-up-seven-year-olds-are-listening look. It didn't work. Anyway, afterwards, I had my first evening of proper paid baby sitting! It was my brother's friend and his little sister. Their mum is Indian and their dad is English so they have that beautiful Eurasian look. They're honestly the coolest family ever; the mum works in the Ministry of Defence and their dad stages theatre productions in little hipster areas of London. 

And their house.. oh my god, it's so beautiful. It's like a boho-Indian theme and there are books covering every inch of wall which is my kind of heaven. They have these low sofas covered in this gorgeous patterned material and sculptures of decorated Indian elephants. In some of the doorways they have bead curtains and their conservatory is amazing. There are tons of Bowie records along with hundreds of CDs. From the ceiling hang ornate butterfly ornaments and there are tapestries on the walls. The whole place is so amazing. So I got to sit in this haven and finish reading the Great Gatsby (how does Gatsby die? Someone please enlighten me) and got paid £20 for four hours, wahaaay!

On Saturday - yesterday - my German grandma, my Oma, flew over to stay for a week. My parents are going to a conference in Lyon next week so she's here to supervise us for a few nights and to make us schnitzel for dinner which will deffo be the highlight of my week. I went shopping with her and my mum yesterday which was so amazing. I got a beautiful teal thick-knit jumper, a flowery skirt from TopShop, and two wonderful shirts by Saville Row from TK Maxx. They were an amazing find. Photos will be coming soon but my camera isn't connecting properly to the computer right now.

To be continued...

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