Monday, 3 September 2012


I went to the Paralympic athletics today! It was amazing. Everytime any athletics is on TV, I'm glued there for hours, honestly. It's like a little obsession now! My school offered free tickets to the Olympics and Paralympics to their model students - me ;) - so it was like a bloody dream come true. However, the tickets are free for a reason; we were sat in the last but one row, basically as far away from the track as you can get. It didn't matter though, you could still see everything!

We saw loads of wheelchair races and the men's long jump. We also saw the women's 400m for the blind. This is actually one of the best things I've ever seen. They ran round the track with their guides and because they've trained together so much, they're best friends. A Brazilian lady won  (I didn't catch her name and can't find it anywhere on google, or find a picture of her!) so when she went up to the podium, she and her guide-best-friend were laughing and dancing and just being such an inspiration. That's seriously the highlight of my day! Maybe there'll be a youtube video of it soon... hopefully!

This is what the tickets looked like, nice colour!

Oh, also, I forgot to blog about my new favourite film... Notting Hill! I know it's crazy old and came out years ago but Hugh Grant is my favourite actor and Julia Roberts is deffo in my top ten favourite actresses so, for me, this film is nearly unbeatable. I love that it's centred around a bookshop and the different lifestyles they lead but how they end up together. Romcoms are my absolutely favourite type of film too. dfklasghlhflashf, it's so good: watch it watch it watch it!

And this guy just makes the film, he's an actual babe!

Over and out.


  1. NOTTING HILL IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FILMS!!!!! Spike is actually the best, I love him :') and William's sister, she's just amazing and so funny! :3

  2. wahaaay! I gotta say, you have excellent taste in film, books and music :p they're actually the best couple ever!

  3. Haha, thank you! So do you! :D I know! They're adorable! :3