Friday, 12 September 2014

The week of going out

I really liked the post I did last week about what I got up to because I'm running out of time here, and I'm trying to squeeze as much as I can into this time I have left before I move. I feel like crying on most days because I love my life here so much and I desperately don't want to leave it. I'm a bit of a homebody and I love what I know. I'm not really a fan of change at all but I'm getting a bit side tracked here, so let's just crack on with an account of my week ay.

On Monday, I woke up late and had a lazy day before heading to my friend's house for predrinks and then hitting up the only club in our town. It's small and local and cheap, so everyone goes there. I saw pretty much my whole school. I was with some of the girls from my football team and we posed for one of those horribly awkward club photos (spot me looking awks and forgetting how to pose properly):

We headed back to my friend's house afterwards and crashed there for about four hours. I had to leave super early because I stupidly forgot I was going out that night and had made a McDonald's lunch date with two of my friends Will and Jenny. I got home at basically the crack of dawn (9am) and had a power nap in my own bed before popping down to McDonald's for our traditional Big Tasty meal. Afterwards, I met another friend who was moving to Uxbridge for uni the next day. We picked up a coffee and just chatted for a couple of hours. It was really nice to catch up before she left.

On Wednesday, I had yet another lazy day but went up to London Bridge in the evening with some friends to a showing of The Truman Show in a free open air cinema. Again, it was really great to catch up with them and an added bonus was the film. I think it's jumped up into my list of favourite films; it really makes you question your life and morality and kind of the purpose of everything we know. It's so thought provoking. On the way back to the tube station, I saw the fabulous Kate McGill (oh my god!!!). Then she went into the tube station behind us and we kind of lost her for five minutes. But then, she appeared on our platform... and boarded the tube in the same carriage as us. And she was sat opposite me!!!!! But she was with her friend and I'm a scaredy cat so I said absolutely nothing. Tragically, I think she did clock the weird little glances I couldn't help but giving her, whoopsies! But she's honestly amazing, here's her best (in my opinion) song:

On Thursday, I went to my aforementioned friendy boyf's for yet another Utopia marathon. He'd made us some mulled cider which tasted of Christmas and sweet sugary goodness, and I brought an apple cake with me; very good combo! He also made carbonara pasta with chorizo for lunch but I can't take any level of spiciness in food and nearly choked on the chorizo. I know this isn't particularly interesting for any of you to read but I can look back on this in one year, two years, five years, and remember this day. He's leaving next Saturday.

In the evening, we headed to Tiger in Croydon with some of our friends, it's one of the best clubs around here apparently. It was a really great night and there's actually a whole room dedicated to 80/90s music?! Best idea ever! Again, there were loads of people we knew so it was great to just say hello to people we might not see again for a year. And yet again, a club photographer cornered us and we were forced into having another awkward photo (can you see how little any of us wanted this picture taken?!):

I got back home at 4am today and slept through till lunch time which is quite possibly a new lateness record for me! When I woke up, me and my mum went up to The Wolesley next to The Ritz for afternoon tea. It was kind of a goodbye thing for me going to uni but also because we haven't had mummy-daughter time for ages! I ate about 11 billion finger sandwiches (actually just 11), a scone, and 3 petit fours. Mental. I cradled my food baby all the way home! This brings us up to now where I'm vegging out on the sofa, too lazy to go to the fridge where there's some meatloaf. I've had such a wonderful week and I hope you have too.

I'm going to try and force myself to get up now an retrieve some meatloaf.

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