Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thirty eight!

This is the thirty-eighth post on here and thirty eight is my lucky number. I decided to want to ramble on about why I like this number so much, probably more for my own amusement than yours. So, reasons for thirty eight being my lucky / favourite number:

1. I came 38th in my first ever London Mini Marathon
2. I also came 38th in my first (and only!) Surrey Cross Country Championships
3. One of my favourite books, The Sky is Everywhere, has thirty eight chapters
4. My other favourite book, Adorkable, also has thirty eight chapters.
5. And, oh my, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (which I LOVE!) also has thirty eight chapters.
6. Once, on an exam paper I did well in, I was examined by "Examiner no. 38".
7. On our keyboard on the pre-programmed songs, Pachobel's Canon is number thirty eight, and it happens to be my favourite piece of music.
8. There's this house near me which I've loved since I was really little, and I recently noticed it's number thirty eight.

There's more but I forget it all. Just silly little things like a dress I really want is £38 or something. So that's all for today really. I'm posting my all time absolute bestest favourite ever song below.

"Music ain't dead. You gotta look right".

Song of the day: (and of my life..)

Young Blood - The Naked and Famous

Last year's Mini Marathon, we all look gross!
L-R: Becca, Marie, me, Mica, Rhian

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