Friday, 12 October 2012

The sky is clear of fear

Today was such fun, such fun (Miranda reference!). We did rock climbing, archery and team building. I'm so crap at archery it's unbelievable but rock climbing was fun and I really enjoyed the team building too. I was in a team with a lot of people I've never spoken to in the five years we've been at school together so it was good to get to know them. There were these two guys, Reece and Joss, who I have practically never spoken to. They're the supposed "cooler" kids. We all sat together on the coach with my friends and it was so cool that we have so much in common.  They're really great. Here is my middle aged man / butch lesbian outfit I wore today:

I also want to talk about a boy called Tucker Gowen today. I've never met him and he had no idea who I was but he's so inspirational. A few months ago, I was on Omegle text chat talking to a guy named TJ. He told me that his brother had leukaemia and we talked about it for a bit. He asked me to go and support them by liking their facebook page, so of course I did. Their mum, Jeni, posted updates every day on how Tucker was doing, and sometimes photos of their time in the hospital. These were on my homepage every day for months so I read them and hoped hoped hoped that he would get better. On Tuesday 9th October 2012, there was a new post; Tucker had died. I was so close to crying. Honestly, seeing these posts was so inspirational and the fight he put up was amazing. Thinking of his family.

There was a beautiful candlelight vigil last night for him.

Song of the day:

Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds

Been in my head aaall day.

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