Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Don't you dream impossible things?

The picnic in Streatham got cancelled, yay! Someone had food poisoning, not-so-yay, so we've decided to reschedule. I went shopping with my friend Nick instead to get birthday presents for my mum and my friend Lily. Lily is Australian and when her dad got a job in London when we were six, her whole family moved over here. We became absolute besty friendys, but then her dad was relocated back to Adelaide. So I haven't seen her in eight years! We facebook every day though and we always send each other presents and stuff which is cool. Hopefully she's coming over again next year, woohoo! This is what I bought her from Primark:

I found a bag in my mum's wardrobe the other day and she said I can have it, yay! It's not actually this red in real life, it's more brownish.

I also bought the hair dye today! It looks really blonde on the box but I think it's gonna turn out a bit darker. I hope it doesn't end up a really boring mousey brown... I have absolutely no experience with hair dye so it's going to be a wonderful new adventure for me.

The hope is for it to be like the colour of the tips of my hair now which are basically sun bleached ginger, yummy. Please excuse my split ends!

Song of the day:

Cry (Just a Little) - Bingo Players

I was talking to this guy on ChatRoulette about an hour ago and he played me this song. We spoke for like ten minutes before the server cut us off because apparently I need to be signed up to the site. His name was Lincoln and he was an artist from King's Lynn, near Cambridge. What a babe.

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