Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm about to look down

The title for this post is a line taken from a song by Kate McGill called look down. I lovelovelove Kate McGill! She released her début album last November or something and there were only 8000 copies. I got one in my Christmas stocking (love you, Father Christmas!) and I'm number 6864. Anyway, she's so great, you should deffo youtube her. Look Down, or The Key are the best songs on there.

I'm finding it kind of hard to prioritise my work at sixth form now. I know that sounds kind of lame but I came up with a solution! Just do every piece the day before it's due. So good! It seems really disorganised and everything but it really works. That way I don't miss any deadlines or anything, wahaay!

Today at school, there was a meeting for people who wanted to set up the school magazine so I went along. It was really great, so yeah, say hi to the new sub-editor of the magazine! I'll be proof reading every piece before it's sent to the formatting people and also hopefully I'll write articles and features for it. I'm sososo excited for this! We're also doing a cover girl or boy for every issue which will be hilarious. Ahh, such fun, such fun! Lol, today I was messing around with my friend Kane and he pretended to leave the room so I was like "get out. GET OUT!" which is obvo a Miranda reference (god, keep up!) and he didn't get it.. so I ended up looking like a loser. Totally irrelevant, sorry!

My favourite little slipper thingies! Primark, £2

Anyway, I believe that is all for today! 
"Stay magical, I love you, bye!" - deidrefunk (

Song of the day:

Look Down - Kate McGill

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