Monday, 8 October 2012

Munday 8th

Today is Monday, wahay! I actually love Mondays now because I have a double free period every time. So great. Apart from school, I did nothing today. Well, I did that newspaper thingy at the primary school and a little kid broke the teacher's camera on my watch so it's not ideal. But yeah, nothing to really report. I think I'm only blogging because I've done at least one post every day for October so far, and I also have no life. Tomorrow I have to do a timed history essay on the Russian Revolution but I happen to know nothing about it. After eight lessons, no one in the class has learnt anything.

Oh, I just remembered something from English literature class today. The teacher - who, by the way, is crap - asked us if we thought Fitzgerald's description of Gatsby and his life was "vague". And, I kid you not, a girl put up her hand and trilled "Sir, what's vague mean?" I shared an eye roll with my bestie and then threw my head down on the table. How are these people allowed to do AS English lit? So cray cray. Also, she didn't know what "retrospective" meant - perhaps a little more acceptable. Then, to top it all off, her best friend was asked to analyse a sentence; "May in Ayemenem was a long, brooding month". She said "Well, sir, like, I understand about it being hot and humid and long, but like... I don't get why it says about wanting to have kids? Like, brooding..." Facepalm. She thinks "brooding" means wanting to have children.  Sorry, rant over!

Yep, nice one, George!

Song of den Tag:

Red - Taylor Swift

This has been stuck in my head all day, so excited for the her new album. TWO WEEKS!

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