Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I vood valk vun tousand milez

I was reading an article today titled "25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!" One of them was start a blog and update it reguarly so I guess I've achieved that.. the question being, however, will I continue to write here? Who knows! Oh yeah, and another thing on the list was have a one night stand with a hot guy. Oh, and do illegal drugs. Sooo, not sure exactly how reliable this is.

I painted my nails today too. It's such a lovely colour and the brand, Model's Own, is such good quality. It didn't start chipping for a week and a half which I think is amazing. But then again, most of my nail varnish is quite cheap so what do I know? Obviously, the hand below isn't mine - my fingers are a really short and fat. So embarrassing!

There is another nail polish I was going to write about ages ago (well like a week ago) but I completely forgot! I had it on last week and took it off about two days ago. It's a bitch to get off - honestly, I'm telling you, you need about half a bottle of nail varnish remover to get it off. It's by Accessorize and is called Aztec, shade number 38. I think it looks like the night sky! Again, not my hands...

Song of the day:

A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

This song makes me think so many things. You know some songs just do that? My best memory with this is on my Bronze DofE expedition and it was our second day of hiking. We had been going for maybe three hours at this point, and we were down this beautiful little country lane. The sunlight came in through the trees overhead and made intricate dappled shadows on the ground (ooh, how poetic!). Then we started singing this as loud as we could. It was deserted so no one could hear and that's just as well because we're all crap singers. It's just so memorable and I love this song for it!

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