Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Roku means six in Japanese, apparently. You know how I previously talked about how we're setting up a sixth form magazine at school? Well, "Roku" is one of the choices we have for its name. And we have almost no ideas for it, other than "Sixth Base" which may be deemed as slightly inappropriate. Or "I'm Six-y and I Know it". The idea is we could have as a cheesy little slogan "we will, we will Roku". Cringe. Mega mega cringe. We had a meeting at lunch time today; I took minutes, typed them up and sent them out to the committee. I feel very professional!

Did I say yesterday in a school football match that this girl went in for a kick with her studs up and I went in for it too (studs down, of course!) and her boot smashed my ankle? I nearly cried. I won the tackle though, bonusss! Well, my ankle still all swollen (twenty four hours later) and has a huuuuge bruise on it, waaah. I'm such a baby when it comes to injuries. Nothing really interesting at all happened today. But yesterday, I got so freaking bored in English lit so I coloured in my hair with a highlighter. Now my hair is ruined. It was all sticky and trusty old Head and Shoulders hasn't really seemed to have done much for it today.

Here's a grumpy looking, unflattering photo of what I wore today:

Jumper: M&S, £35
Skirt: New Look, £12 (it's secretly a dress!)

I've also just discovered these beautiful creations. So so so so so yummy, honestly! Try one, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Song of da day:

State of Grace - Taylor Swift

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