Thursday, 18 October 2012

Who'd like to know? I'd like to know

I'm in an incredibly bad mood today. Well, just since 6.45 this evening. The rest of the day was pretty fun. We had sex ed at school which was hilarious, and I had a yummy Cornish pasty for lunch. AND three jaffa cakes. So it was all pretty good. Then I remembered I have football training which was a bit of a downer.

I missed training two weeks ago to help out at open day and apparently this girl at football, but also who goes to my school, was bitching about me there like "yeah, she's only going because she bum licks the teachers". Oh, please forgive me for wanting a good uni reference and actually wanting to help out at school. This girl is so nice to my face. I used to dislike her but then I was like yeah, why not just start afresh with my opinions about her. So I did. But she's horrible. So I've gone back to disliking her. She also bitches about her best friends when they're not there and takes the piss out of people who laugh and mess around. She imitates people in the most bitchy way. She's so horrible. Bleh. This was going to be a cheerful post but now it's turned into a rant! Sorry!

I've also always wondered why none of my friends play football. And the reason came to me today while I was glowering at this horrible girl during training: 99% of the girls this age who play football are not like us. We're always laughing and can be immature (but only at appropriate times!) but we're also bright people who actually give a shit about other people's feelings. And all the girls I've come across in eight years of playing football are not like this. Two girls on the team are people I would want to have as good friends. Sorry to get all ranty on you guys! Ooooh I finally discovered the tag thing on here where you can put labels on your posts and my views have risen which is coooool.

Anyway, over and ouuut!

Song of zee day:

Happily Ever After - He is We

One of my favouritest bands ever!

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